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It’s Garam Chai And Hot Chocolate Season. Tips To Buy The Right Electric Kettle

  • 13 January

Crompton electric kettle Crompton electric kettle

Woollens? Check. Socks? Check. A Cozy room? Check. You guessed it right – winter is here, and so are the chills. Wrapping yourself up in blankets and enjoying hot beverages becomes our priority. But, the water gets cold in winters and takes longer to boil on the stove top. So, if you wish for hot water instantly, an electric kettle is the perfect kitchen appliance. 

Studies suggest that an electric kettle is 80% more efficient than a stove or microwave. So, are you planning to buy one to chase away the winter blues? There is a possibility that you might get confused, given the number of brands available online. But, don’t you worry, here are some essential tips that will help you choose the right electric kettle.


Capacity that won’t let you down

Capacity is something that you should consider before choosing an electric kettle. Do you typically make a cup of tea or coffee for one, or usually brew drinks for several? In that case, a 1-litre kettle might suffice. You can choose higher quantities if you have a larger family.

Make sure you think through your needs while buying. For example, Crompton offers the best electric kettle from its ActivHot series that ranges between 1 and 1.5 litres.


Futuristic cool touch body

Unlike traditional stoves, you can forget all about scalding your fingers with electric kettles. The Crompton kettle has double-wall protection and a cool touch body. It prevents you from burning yourself while using the kettle. Also, double-wall protection ensures that the water stays warm for longer. 

The cool touch body allows you to touch the kettle easily while boiling water. In addition, the Activhot kettle high-functional heating with a 360-Degree swivel base makes it easy to handle and plugin without any hassle.


Auto shut off to make it energy efficient

Are you guilty of forgetting to turn appliances off from time to time? In that case, choose a Crompton electric kettle that includes an auto shut off feature. It also uses an On/Off LED indicator, offering you a hassle-free and safe experience.


Durability that lasts forever

To know how much your electric kettle will last, you must look at the heating element, the warranty, the wattage required, and the design. The premium design of Crompton’s electric kettle incorporates a wide mouth for easy pouring.  In addition, elements such as stainless steel spout and thermo coated handles ensure easy maintenance for more prolonged use.

Here are some innovative ways to use an electric kettle

Brew a refreshing cup of tea –  With a Crompton electric kettle, you don’t need to worry about visiting the kitchen every time you crave a cup of tea. Whether you prefer a classic English tea or a perfect masala chai, you can prepare it at lightning pace with Crompton electric kettles. As electric kettles boil water at nearly twice the speed of the cooktop, use loose tea packets with hot water for a quick and comfy beverage. 

Instant noodles for midnight cravings – With late-night cravings hitting a new high during winters, how about a tasty bowl of instant noodles? Your electric kettle can boil water in minutes so just add noodles in boiling water to enjoy your favourite bowl of noodles.

Classic hot chocolate – Hot chocolate is almost synonymous with winter.  Stir in some chocolate powder with hot water, followed by a splash of your preferred milk in your kettle. Top it off with marshmallows and enjoy your delightful drink. 

To sum things up, you need to know some crucial factors such as material, energy consumption and durability to bring home the right electric kettle. If you are browsing for an electric kettle online, don’t forget to look at our Crompton Activhot series. This affordable range of kettles starts from INR 1,900-2,700 to best serve your heating needs!

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