Crompton’s Innovation in Home Appliances

Crompton’s Innovation in Home Appliances

  • 30 January

The world is getting smarter today, with technological advancements making life easy breezy for most households. Innovation in home appliances has made tasks at home convenient and seamless as these devices can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone or other device, and often offer additional features such as energy-saving modes, scheduling options, and automatic updates.

Looking to add a smart home appliance to your place of dwelling? Crompton’s exclusive range of innovative home appliances can make your house future-ready with products ranging from ceiling fans to bathroom essentials and kitchen appliances.


5 Must Have Smart Appliances for your Home

Living in 2023, you should definitely make space for these smart appliances at home. If you already have these, or are looking for efficient replacements for your existing gadgets, these innovative household appliances are worth the investment. We’ve also got you covered with a list of 11 things to consider while buying home appliances.

1. Premium Ceiling Fans with ActivBLDC Technology

Move over regular ceiling fans and bring home Crompton’s energy-efficient fans with ActivBLDC motor. While BLDC fans have been available in the market and provide you with energy efficiency, they often compromise on air delivery. Crompton brings you the latest in technology with ActivBLDC giving you the best energy efficiency with zero compromise on air delivery. This further helps you in saving up to 50% on your annual electricity bills. You can expect our fans to work anywhere between a Wide Voltage Range of 90V – 300V with a high Power Factor of 0.98 on every use.

2. Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a key aspect of your home. It can make or break the entire look of your beautifully put together home and also have a big impact on your mood. It becomes critical to choose the right lighting and what better than smart lighting solutions from Crompton. Smart lights offer innumerable benefits.

Our innovative home appliance features smart lights that are Wi-Fi enabled, voice-controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google and provide you with the flexibility to choose from millions of colours to beautify your space. You can find a range of lighting options and get value for your money without compromising on quality.

Choose the perfect lighting as per your preference, and customize it according to different rooms in your house! You can also access the controls via the MyCrompton application on your Android or iOS devices. This makes it easy for you to control your smart appliances without being physically present in your home. Can innovation in home appliances get better than this?

3. Smart Geysers

Have you heard of geysers or water heaters that can be controlled via audio through Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant? At Crompton, we provide you with the perfect heating solutions all-year round. Our geysers are Wi-Fi enabled that can be controlled remotely from anywhere using the Crompton mobile app. Solarium Qube IOT offers pre-set modes to customise your bathing experience. You can utilise Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use your voice and control the geyser as per your requirement. This makes it convenient to heat up your bathing water, while also adding to the aesthetics of your bathroom design. 

With powerful heating technology, advanced safety features and large capacities, Crompton’s geyser is the ideal innovative home appliance meant for today’s modern family.

4. Silent Chimneys

Modular kitchen chimneys are growingly popular innovative kitchen appliances that should be added to every Indian’s most important space in the house. Our chimneys are powered with an advanced inverter motor that offers high suction at reduced noise level. Gone are the days when you had to manually clean your chimneys. Cromptons offers intelligent in-built sensors that enable the chimney to automatically clean and dispense itself after every use. This can be operated via specific hand gestures which makes the process touch-free and efficient.


The Takeaway

With the help of virtual assistants and a heap of other smart features, innovations in home appliances are only expected to grow further in the days to come. Crompton’s range of smart appliances stay up-to-date with the latest technology to offer you experiences that fit-in with your idea of a smart home. Bring home some of our most desirable home appliances to transform the way you live!


FAQs around Smart Home Appliances

1. What is smart technology?

Smart technology refers to devices or systems that are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and can connect to the internet, allowing them to interact with users and other devices in a smart and intuitive way. 

2. What are smart home appliances?

These devices include gadgets like smart geysers, fans and lights, and smart kitchen appliances that help make life more convenient..

3. What is a smart home?

A smart home is any place of dwelling that is equipped with smart home appliances, making every process controllable with the touch of a button.