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How to Stay Warm in the Winters?

  • 30 September

Get toasty with the best Room heaters and Geysers from Crompton Get toasty with the best Room heaters and Geysers from Crompton

As the colder months approach the Indian landscape, you might be pondering over how to keep yourself warm in the winter months. Sunlight in winter is rare, and most of the time you might cover yourself under the sheets. In this case, following a few simple steps and installing necessary winter room appliances is ideal for tackling the approaching winters.

It’s time to get warm and toasty in the winter. Check out the next section to know more.


10 Ways to Keep Yourself Warm in the Winter Season

Wondering how to stay warm in the cold weather? The below-mentioned tips will help you guide yourself and your family in breezing through the winter months with comfort. Follow them religiously to keep yourself snuggled up and cosy.

1. Close the Curtains at Night

While the days might be bearable with some sunshine coming in, the nights get colder in the winter months. Hence, it is important to close the windows and cover them with curtains for proper insulation. You can look at purchasing dark curtains to keep your room warm and dim.

2. Wear Darker Clothes

If you’re stepping out during the winter days, it is always recommended to wear darker colour clothes. They help absorb the sun’s rays and hence keep you warm for long hours. Have blacks, greys, navy blues and browns in your winter wardrobe. Additionally, cover yourself up with scarves, shrugs, jackets and boots if the temperature drops further.

3. Cover yourself in a Warm Blanket

If you’re wondering how to keep warm in winter, another good option is to keep yourself covered at all times. If you’re at home, put a warm blanket over yourself while lying down or sleeping. It will retain the heat in your bed keeping you warm and comfortable. Layering up is the best way to beat the staggering cold winter months.

4. Keep the Doors Closed

Don’t jump from one room to another leaving the doors open. Unless required, ensure to keep all doors closed to prevent the cold breeze from entering your house. Keeping the doors closed also retains a balanced room temperature around the house. You can then decide to amp up the heat in the house by using a room heater or let things remain natural if it’s not too cold.

5. Use a Room Heater

A room heater or a space heater is a mindful investment during the winter months. Easy to plug and use, these room heaters suit both small and big spaces. Backed up by advanced technology and an aesthetic look and feel to suit your room decor, these space heaters are the perfect solution to your winter needs.

You can choose from Crompton’s range of room heaters which includes the following types.

1. Oil-Filled Room Heaters

2. Heat Convector

3. Halogen Heater

4. Quartz Heater

5. Ceramic Heater

All these space heaters have their unique features. They have adjustable heat settings and are equipped with layers of safety. This ensures that all members of the family can safely use this winter home appliance. But do not forget the safety tips for using a room heater.

7. Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Don’t let the cold winds make you become a couch potato during the winter months. Start your day with a balanced meal and go out for a jog, run or yoga to get sweating. An active lifestyle is the best way to keep the winter months bearable. Your meal intake can help keep you warm naturally.

8. Keep a Sweater Handy

Whether you’re staying at home or stepping out, don’t forget to carry your sweater. Made of insulating material, this garment ensures to keep you warm and covered whenever the cold seems to become unbearable. You can also carry a jacket instead, and a scarf additionally to add to your outfit.

9. Take Hot Showers

There are multiple benefits of taking hot showers. To keep yourself warm, you need to have hot showers regularly. Use a water heater to heat your bath water in no time.

Crompton’s range of water heaters gives you the option to choose between storage, instant, gas water heaters and immersion rods. With varying capacities, heating options, installation requirements and safety features, water heaters are the perfect addition for all kinds of homes and family sizes. It is a great investment that comes with a brand warranty and is expected to last you for a minimum of 6-10 years. Try it to have a hassle-free winter.

10. Consume Hot Food and Beverages

Your meals can get cold quickly in the winter months due to the natural cold breeze entering your house. It is important to consume meals hot, otherwise, they might go undigested by your body. In addition to reheating your food on the stove or oven, you should also heat beverages like water, tea or coffee in an electric kettle.

Consuming the least space in your kitchen area, Crompton’s electric kettle consumes limited power and quickly heats up any kind of liquid within a minute. It varies in capacity and sports a cool touch body from the outside. It is a safe winter appliance that can be used in innumerable ways on a daily basis.


The Takeaway

Make a smart choice for your home in the winter season with Crompton’s range of winter appliances. You can learn more about staying warm in the winters and apply some tips to consume less energy in those months with efficient planning. Enjoy the end of 2022 with essential house appliances that will last you for a long time.