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How To Make Your Air Cooler Last Longer

  • 28 May

Do you remember those glory days when your air cooler was new and shiny? With time, even the best of air coolers in India can fall prey to common maintenance issues like dust collection, improper drainage and jamming. So in order to prevent these, we have put together some tips on how to prolong the lifespan of your air cooler. Here we go!

1. Keep your air cooler in an open space

Air coolers pass hot air from outside through a cooling mechanism to provide you with instant cooling. To keep your room cooler running smoothly it needs to be placed in an open space or near a window for consistent airflow. This ensures that the air cooler stays in action!

2. Regularly clean the exterior

You may think that the exterior of your air cooler doesn’t require any maintenance but that’s not true! Since air coolers depend heavily on evaporative cooling, it is very much possible that the dirt from the outside will hinder its performance. So regularly dusting in between the louvers and other surfaces that could potentially catch dust will make sure that your air cooler remains clean and efficient.

3. Clean the pump regularly

The pump is the heart and soul of the air cooler. To make sure it functions properly you must rid it of any debris or dirt it may have caught. When hard water is pumped into the air cooler, sometimes the deposits end up jamming the pump. So investing in an air cooler like Crompton’s Optimus Neo 27 which comes with an Everlast hard water-compatible pump would help prevent any jamming issues in the future and keep the pump running smoothly.

4. Drain the water tank when not in use

Air coolers have a water tank that needs to be filled and drained regularly for it to work effectively. Some new and more advanced air cooler options like Crompton’s Optimus range now comes with auto-drain and auto-fill functions. The auto-drain feature ensures that the water has been completely drained from the air cooler and the auto-fill feature helps prevent any damage caused by running an air cooler on an empty tank.

5. Clean the cooling pads once a month

The main reason due to which an air cooler can supply cool gusts of wind is because of the cooling pads. They soak up moisture and cool the air that passes through them. There are mainly two types of cooling pads: Honeycomb and Wood Wool. The wood wool pads soak less moisture, are relatively high maintenance and less durable when compared to the honeycomb pads. Crompton’s Optimus range also comes with the honeycomb pads to provide its signature ‘Jaldi cooling’ effect. Quick tip: Irrespective of the pad used, it is imperative to clean them regularly for better cooling.

While these tips will surely help your air cooler become more efficient, even the best air coolers face simple issues from time to time. Make sure you give maintenance its due importance the next time you buy an air cooler online or in a store. Check out Crompton’s exclusive range of window cooler, desert cooler, tower cooler and personal air coolers to get the very best options in coolers for your home at an affordable price!