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Spotless & Sparkling: How to Clean an OTG Oven Like a Pro?

  • 20 November

Do you love baking and roasting, but dread the post-cooking cleanup of your OTG (Oven, Toaster, and Grill)? Well, you’re not the only one. Many struggle with the task of keeping their OTG spick and span, preventing lingering odours and stubborn grime. 

We have the ultimate solution to your cleaning conundrum with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to clean an Oven Toaster Griller, inside and out. 

So, get ready to learn how to effortlessly maintain a pristine OTG oven, enabling you to focus on what you do best—creating mouth-watering delicacies. 


How to Clean an OTG Oven – 3 Simple Steps That Will Leave it Sparkling Clean 


All your “how to clean a greasy OTG” worries can take a back seat. We have simple steps you can follow to deep-clean your oven, remove stubborn stains and odours, and keep it looking and functioning like new in no time. Here’s how to clean your OTG oven: 

Step 1. Preparation 

Before starting the cleaning process, it is crucial to ensure the OTG oven is unplugged, cool, and safe to work with. Allow it to cool for at least 30 minutes before proceeding to clean the interior and exterior. 

Next, gather the necessary supplies, including a soft cloth, warm water, baking soda, and vinegar. These items are gentle and effective, making them a sweet spot for cleaning even the toughest kind of stains. 

Step 2. How to Clean an OTG Oven‘s Interiors? 

The first step in cleaning the interior of the OTG oven is to remove its racks. Soak the racks in soapy water while you clean the inside of the oven. 

Next, use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the interior, starting from the top to the bottom. Ensure you pay particular attention to the corners and crevices where grime and grease often accumulate. 

Finally, use baking soda and vinegar to tackle any tough stains or odours. Make a paste by mixing baking soda and some water. Apply the paste to the troublesome areas and let sit for a few minutes before wiping with a clean, damp cloth or sponge. 

Step 3. How to Clean an OTG Oven‘s Exteriors? 

To clean the exterior of the OTG oven, wipe down the knobs and door with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Be careful not to scratch or damage the surface. 

If applicable, be sure to use specific products that are designed to polish the metal parts of your oven, following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

By following these three simple steps, you will be able to effectively clean your OTG oven and keep it looking and functioning like new for many delicious meals to come.


Crompton’s OTG Ovens 


Crompton’s OTG ovens are designed to provide an exceptional cooking experience with their advanced features and benefits. Some of these features include high-tech top and bottom heating for even cooking, accessories for versatile cooking, a chamber with lighting for real-time tracking of the cooking process, and a recipe book for delectable and easy cooking. 

Here are four different models of Crompton’s OTG ovens: 

1. OTG with Convection Fan 

The Tandoori Magic 35 ltr (OTG) with Convection Fan with a convection fan ensures an even distribution of heat inside the oven, resulting in perfectly cooked food. This feature is especially beneficial for baking enthusiasts as it helps in achieving consistent results. 

2. OTG Oven for Baking with Removable Tray 

The Baker’s Delight 25 Ltr 800W (OTG) with Removable Tray is specifically designed for baking. It comes with a removable tray, allowing you to easily take out baked goods without hassle. The accessories included are a wire tray, crumb tray, baking tray, four skewers, and a removal tong, providing versatility in cooking options. 

3. OTG with 2000 Watt 

The powerful Tandoori Magic 45 ltr Convection OTG with 2000W offers a wide range of cooking functions, including baking, grilling, roasting, and toasting. With its 2000-watt electricity, it ensures efficient cooking performance. The selector knob allows you to choose between the upper and bottom heating components based on your specific cooking requirements. 

4. OTG with Rotisserie and Convection Fan 

The Tandoori Magic 25 ltr (OTG) with Convection and Rotisserie is perfect for preparing a variety of dishes, including roasts and barbecues. With its high-speed convection fan and rotisserie feature, it ensures even heat distribution for excellent flavour and texture. The temperature range goes up to 250 degrees, allowing you to cook a wide range of meals. 

Get yourself a reliable and efficient OTG oven from Crompton today to enjoy flavoursome, mouthwatering food every single day. 




Learning how to clean your OTG oven is crucial for long-term use. After each use, clean the oven’s interior, accessories, heating elements, and fan blades to ensure optimal performance and safety. Additionally, wipe down the exterior to prevent dirt from transferring onto your hands or surfaces. These simple tips can help prolong the lifespan of your OTG oven and you can enjoy delicious, hassle-free cooking for years to come. Happy cleaning and happy cooking.