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How to Clean an Electric Kettle in 8 easy steps?

  • 30 September

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Have kettle at home? Yes! If You wonder ‘How to clean an electric kettle and descale it’ to perfection, here’ a detailed guide for you.

An electric kettle is an ideal investment for all types of homes and family sizes. The advantages of using a kettle are immense. After plugging it in, all it takes is just a minute or two to warm your favourite beverages including water, tea and coffee. It can be used for various purposes daily and are super safe. Hence, it is important to learn how to wash an electric kettle.


8 Steps to Clean your Kettle after use

Electric kettle cleaning is a regular process. Since it makes kitchen duty easy, it can get dirty very quickly. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean your kettle easily.

1. If your electric kettle has a filter or cartridge, safely remove it before cleaning its body. Immerse the filter or cartridge in a solution of lime warm water and vinegar to remove dirt, mineral and product buildup.

2. Proceed to fill the kettle with warm water and vinegar. You can also use a liquid soap solution instead.

3. Boil the solution halfway and then proceed to unplug your kettle.

4. Let the solution sit for a few minutes. This allows the water to capture every fibre of dirt in the electric kettle appliance.

5. Once the water returns to room temperature, proceed to clean the kettle by using a scrub pad or sponge. Rub the interior of the appliance to remove buildup or mold.

6. Pour fresh tap water into the kettle and pour out the excess mixture. Keep cleaning unless the insides look clean.

7. Ensure that the electric kettle has cooled down. Proceed with your electric kettle cleaning by inserting the cartridge or filter back into the appliance.

8. Tap dry the exterior of the appliance. Your clean electric kettle is now ready to use.


Descaling an Electric Kettle

While an electric kettle helps to streamline your morning routine in the kitchen, it can lead to hard water formation if not cleaned properly. Therefore, descaling a kettle is important. Kettle descaling refers to removing and cleaning the cartridge or filter of the appliance at least once every quarter to remove lime scale and excess minerals from the kettle. This in turn helps to keep your drinking water or beverage free of additional bacteria.


How Often should you Descale an Electric Kettle?

Usually, you should follow your manufacturer’s advice to descale an electric kettle. Most manufacturers suggest removing the cartridge and cleaning it at least four times a year.

It is possible to have lime scale in kettles due to mineral buildup. This comes from calcium, magnesium and other hand minerals that are often present in water. This can be checked along with product or mold buildup. Descaling kettles is an easy process and can be done in three ways using different substances. Check out the next section to know more.


3 Ways to Descale an Electric Kettle

Wondering how to wash an electric kettle when it has lime scale buildup? Follow these 3 easy methods to get the job done.

1. Cleaning an Electric Kettle with Vinegar

Clean your kettle with vinegar solution and water. It is the easiest way to remove buildup in under half an hour. You can follow this once every 3 months for the best results.

1. Add 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water into your electric kettle

2. Boil the solution for a few seconds and keep it in the electric kettle overnight

3. Fill the kettle with more water and boil the solution. Drain it entirely and repeat the process another 2-3 times till the smell of vinegar goes away

4. Towel dry the appliance from the inside and outside before use


2. Using a Lemon Solution

Did you know that lemon juice or a citric solution can help clean lime scale in kettles? They act as natural cleaning agents while bringing a fresh, citric odour to your kitchen.

1. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice into your electric kettle

2. Add adequate water into your appliance and leave the kettle to boil

3. Drain the solution and rinse the appliance thoroughly to remove buildup. Proceed to towel dry the appliance


3. Clean your Kettle with Baking Soda

Every kitchen has baking soda, to add to meal preparation or use as a cleaning agent. Clean electric kettles with this ingredient in the following steps.

1. Add a tablespoon of baking soda into your electric kettle. Add water and boil it

2. Let the solution sit for at least 10-15 minutes

3. Use a soft brush to scrub the inside of the appliance. Drain the solution and wash it with normal tap water

4. Towel dry the appliance before use


The Takeaway

Investing in a good electric kettle can help you ensure its efficiency while cleaning electric kettles as advised can help increase the longevity of the appliance. Let us help you choose the right kettle. Check out Crompton’s range of electric kettles to choose your best pick.

You can also use electric kettles in different ways to spruce up your kitchen chores.