How to Buy an OTG for Your Home?

How to Choose the Right OTG for Your Home?

  • 18 January

You might use all the right ingredients and follow the recipe to perfection, but without the right kitchen appliances, all your hard work may go to waste. The equipment we use in our kitchen greatly impacts the taste of our food, so you should be extremely sure which OTG you buy for your kitchen. From the size of the OTG to its functions and contribution to your electricity bills, there’s a lot to think about. Let’s discuss the main features of an OTG and which OTG is best suited for you.



The main function of an OTG is for baking, grilling and toasting. The food is cooked using metal rods that convert electricity into heat. The best OTGs are famous for rotisserie cooking whereas others are equipped to give you the best baking results. The innovative top and bottom heat technology of Crompton’s OTG can help cook your food in a uniform manner because there is an even distribution of heat. Additionally, because of its wide temperature control range, you can effortlessly adjust the heat. Crompton’s Tandoori Magic OTG is the perfect choice if you want rotisserie in your oven. 


Power Consumption

OTGs vary in their power usage, just like all other kitchen appliances. When compared to smaller models, larger OTGs require more energy to function as there is more space to heat. Before choosing an OTG, consider your cooking requirements in advance. Ask yourself whether you will be using the OTG to cook big meals like tandooris or roast meats. You can pick a model with lesser power usage if you don’t prepare many baked goods.



The choice of buying the best OTG for your kitchen also depends on how you intend to use it. It goes without saying that you’ll need a larger OTG if you want to use it for multiple forms of cooking. A smaller oven can also meet your needs if you want to utilise it for activities like baking,  food defrosting or reheating.


Size and Capacity

The real size of the oven is determined by the space in which you place the object to grill, bake, or heat. This is referred to as the oven’s capacity. Huge ovens can accommodate large containers, but they also use more energy. Therefore, before choosing the capacity, you must consider a number of criteria, including the size of your family and how much food you often prepare. Crompton’s Tandoori Magic OTG offers three sizes; 25 litres, 35 litres and 45 litres. The larger OTG sizes are appropriate for those who love grilling in big quantities.



Convection Oven Racks:

Convection technology is the most prominent feature of an OTG as it allows consistent heating and superior food results. Oven racks are also essential as they enable you to cook more than one dish at a time. 


This is the grilling feature of the oven where you can attach a removable grill to the oven and make a variety of grilled or barbequed dishes like paneer tikka or chicken tandoori.

Auto Shut-off and Timer:

Arguably the most important feature that ensures your food doesn’t get burned, Crompton’s OTG comes with an automatic timer. This way you can set your timer to switch the OTG off exactly when it is done cooking.



OTGs in India come with a wide range of accessories to help you along the cooking process. These include skewer rods, rotisserie rods, trays and tongs. Crompton’s OTGs come with a recipe book, baking tray, crumb tray, skewer rods, wire grill, rotisserie rod, pizza stone and mittens, more than you would have asked for! In addition, Crompton’s recipe book is certified by the IICA Baking Academy in New Delhi, showcasing the most delicious recipes you can put your OTG to good use.


We hope this OTG buying guide has helped you choose which is the best OTG for your home. Do not limit your baking and grilling because of average kitchen appliances. Check out Crompton’s website for the best kitchen appliances for your home.