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How To Choose The Best Air Cooler For Your Space This Summer

  • 26 May

Choose the best air coolers for your home in summer Choose the best air coolers for your home in summer

After considering the fact that air conditioners require higher maintenance, for many of you, air coolers may actually be the ‘go-to’ appliance for cooling. So, if you decide to get an air cooler, one of the major concerns while buying it is, the space it takes up in the house. Here are some factors that you can consider while buying the best air cooler that fits your home.

Different types of air coolers

There are different types of air coolers that vary in tank capacity, size of unit, installation, and the climate they are suitable for. For example, personal air coolers are suitable for smaller spaces and are light in weight. As compared, tower air coolers are capable of cooling larger spaces. When it comes to installation, window air coolers, are fitted within the window frame and take up less space inside the house. However, when it comes to maximum room area coverage nothing beats the desert air coolers. These coolers are mostly found in desert regions where the temperature is higher and the humidity is less.

Tank capacity

The tank of an air cooler holds water and the capacity differs according to the size of the unit. Larger the room, the more tank capacity is required. Desert air coolers can have a capacity up to 100 litres while window air coolers can hold up to 70 litres. Personal coolers are meant for smaller space thus they have a capacity to hold 20 litres and tower coolers that are meant for comparatively larger spaces have a tank capacity up to 52 litres.

Which air cooler suits your space?

Window air coolers take up minimum space inside the house because the unit is fitted within the window frame, whereas personal air coolers are smaller units to accommodate inside the house. Tower coolers are powerful units that take up more space and are suitable for larger spaces like a banquet hall, larger living room, restaurants, etc. Desert air coolers are mainly suited for regions with high temperatures. Their superior air delivery helps provide better cooling even in areas with dry climates.

The must-have features

The latest features in an air cooler such as automatic drain function, ever last pump, dust filter net etc, helps to provide instant cooling. Crompton’s Optimus 65i includes these features along with extra-large ice chambers, mosquito nets, honeycomb cooling pads, durable fiber body, and wider angle air throw. It is necessary to choose the air cooler that fits in your house/room, keeping in mind about an air coolers’ size and tank capacity.

Crompton air coolers are designed to provide Jaldi Cooling and you can select from a wide range. It is essential to bring home the air cooler which suits the space of your house, or you might end up getting a bigger unit for a small space or vice versa. Before going to buy an air cooler, it is better to have a checklist ready.