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Boost your Domestic Water Supply with Crompton’s Mini Pumps

  • 3 May

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The water crisis starts peaking just as summer sets in. Images of wells and taps running dry, conflicts on drinking water, and parched earth dominate the news cycle. Domestic water stress, municipal water supply cuts, and water rationing begin. So, this summer, are you looking for a compact and easily transportable solution? You’ve knocked on the right door! Crompton’s Self Priming Regenerative Mini water pumps with their high water flow technology are the right choice. Moreover, they provide you with a 60m range and are optimal for about 4-10 floor buildings.

Crompton’s Self-priming pumps are one of the finest pumps available on the market. They are made with the idea of providing optimum performance. These self-priming mini water pumps use a water-air mixture to function. Additionally, their compact size makes them easy to transport. They are also highly economical owing to less power consumption. With a warranty ranging from 12-24 months. Let us take a look through the variety of features and specifications offered by different pump models.

Premium Performance Series 

With stainless steel inserts for rust-free and stuck-free operation. Premium Performance series mini pumps deliver the highest performance in head and discharge. Furthermore, they are optimally suitable for buildings up to 8-10 floors. They work using wide voltage operation. Which results in low power consumption and high-grade electrical stamping. These mini pumps are the best if you need water to be pumped at prolonged heights.

Superior Standard Performance Series

One of the most popular mini water pumps is the Superior Standard Performance series. They have a higher ability to raise water and exceptional performance in terms of water pressure discharge since it uses our special High Flow technology. Besides reducing the power costs, this pumps is very efficient and provides high-quality stamping. This series lives true to its name by meeting all of the required mini water pump needs.

Optimum Performance Series 

Most pumps are heavily weighted, making them difficult to move around. Optimum Performance Series mini pumps offer a fine solution to this problem. These easy-to-fit, compact-size pumps can effortlessly be installed in smaller spaces. Above all, they provide maximum performance at the lowest possible cost. These are suitable for buildings up to 5 floors.

All the more, Crompton’s self-priming regenerative mini water pumps are:

  • Enhanced with high flow technology
  • Meet all of your daily domestic water needs
  • Upgraded with a wide range of features
  • Well designed, state-of-the-art
  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Ensures that you get the most out of your water pump.

We believe there’s a Crompton pump for almost every requirement. Our range of best self-priming pumps are sturdy. They provide a steadfast performance with reliability. Lastly, if you’re looking for more, check out Crompton’s wide variety of mini water pumps.