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Here’s A ‘Cooler’ Way To Survive The Summer

  • 6 May

Summer is here and so is the terrible heat! With temperatures soaring as high as 40 degrees in India, regular ceiling fans just won’t do. There is a need to find different alternatives to beat the heat this summer. Air coolers offer the perfect solution to this problem. Curious to know more? Let’s take a look at a ‘cooler’ way to survive this summer!  

As children, we have all at some point dipped a rag in cold water and blasted air through it, only to notice that the air becomes relatively cooler than before. Air coolers function on the same principle. Once the air passes through cooling pads that retain water in them, any heat present in the air is expelled and cool air is pushed out. This lowers the temperature of the room and makes it much cooler than the outside.

Air coolers are packed with several benefits. The all-new Optimus Range of air coolers by Crompton is equipped with advanced technology for better cooling. The hard water pumps, inverter compatibility and large ice chambers are perfect for ensuring efficient and long lasting use. The best air coolers often offer much more than just technical benefits. 

While the presence of collapsible louvers, mosquito and dust filter net sheds light on the low maintenance and hygiene factor, the smart remote controls draw attention to the convenience that accompanies these air coolers. Now you can experience jaldi cooling at the click of a button! Crompton air coolers are aesthetically designed with neutral themes that blend beautifully in your home. To make these air coolers even more user friendly, the castor wheels present at the bottom add the element of portability so you can move it to any room in the house without any hassles! 

Now, there is a wide range of air coolers available online so how do you choose the best one for your home?  

The four types of air coolers are Personal, Tower, Desert and Window coolers which serve different purposes and are meant for different spaces. For example, a personal cooler is great for an individual in a smaller space, whereas a desert cooler is more suitable for a bigger space since it has a higher output. Apart from the number of people and size of the space, the other factors to consider are also the size of the cooler itself. If you need a high power cooler which fits perfectly into the unused corners of your home then Tower coolers are the best choice for you but if you have a smaller space then window coolers would be the ideal way to go! 

Now that you know all about the different kinds of air coolers. It is time for you to invest in one and have a chilling summer with Jaldi Cooling!