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Healthy Winter foods to eat because Winter is coming!

  • 12 October

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Foods and Beverages to consume this winter

With the winter season right around the corner, it is essential to understand that it is during this time of the year that most of us tend to fall sick. As our immunity goes low, viral and bacterial infections start rising up. It is crucial to supplement our body with the right nutrients to help fight these infections and increase our immunity. There are loads of winter foods and winter drinks that come to the rescue during this time. While we have already shared information on how to stay warm in winters, this read is about winter dishes that you can make for yourself at home with healthy winter fruits and vegetables. 

  • Vegetable Soups

When we are talking about winter healthy food, how can you possibly miss out on soups for winter? The best soups to beat gloomy winters and the infections accompanying it are made with chicken broth or vegetable broth. Cut back on cream, excess salt or beef in your soups. Adding beans or lentils to your soup adds the right amount of fat-free protein. So, a good mix of vegetables with this will give you the perfect blend of fibre and protein. Both these macronutrients help curb your appetite. If you wish to add some crunch, pair your soup with whole-wheat crackers. We have also shared a delicious soup recipe in our blog – Delicacies to make with a mixer grinder

  • Warm milk & dairy products

Milk and other dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese, etc. are great for the winter. This is because they pack a good amount of Vitamin B12, A, proteins and calcium, which boost our immunity. Most of us tend to catch a cold during winter. Drinking warm milk with dry fruits will prevent us from falling sick. You can opt for haldi doodh which consists of a good quantity of turmeric. The golden spice is known to help fight bacteria and boost immunity. 

  • Green & leafy vegetables

Fill your plate with dark and vibrant leafy vegetables. A whole lot of green vegetables for winter are available in the market. Leafy greens are known as the top winter foods as they are full of vitamins such as C, A, K and are lower in calories. They are also rich in folate, Omega-3, and many minerals. Dark green leafy vegetables may also prevent you from the flu. So, include a lot of spinach, and kale and cabbage in your winter season meal plans. The popular Gujarati dish – Undhiyu is known to be packed with the seasonal vegetables that are packed with healthy nutrients. 

  • Citrus fruits

If you are after the right fruits for winter, then you must definitely fill your dish with citrus fruits. Oranges, kiwis, grapefruits and lime make for great winter season fruits that boost our immunity. Packed with Vitamin C and good amount of potassium, folate and fibre, these fruits will ensure you catch a cold or the viral winter flu. 

  • Root vegetables

Make warm foods for winter by using the extremely nutritious root vegetables. Veggies like beetroot, carrots and turnips are a winter staple. They are full of Vitamin C, A, potassium, calcium and fibre. Consuming a delicious sweet potato sabzi or a lip-smacking gajar ka halwa can help you beat the cold while keeping your tummy happy. 

  • Dates

Dry dates are another great option for the winter season. The low fat content in dates ensures you satiate your sweet tooth without loading up on calories. Moreover, dates are a powerhouse of nutrients and a must-have for those who regularly hit the gym. Dates help your body stay warm and an excellent source of fibre, iron, magnesium, calcium and various vitamins. You can eat a date just by itself or add them to milkshakes and smoothies as a sugar substitute. 

  • Dry fruits

Dry fruits are the most healthy winter snacks. Regular intake of almonds and walnuts ensures an active nervous system, improved sensitivity to insulin and a healthy heart and body. You can easily make dry fruits with your healthy dose of 4pm snacking. 

  • Ragi & Bajra

Bajra and ragi rotis are popular during the winter season. Not only do they keep you warm but also fuel you with a whole lot of nutrients. The high iron content in Bajra helps keep your iron in check. It can also help strengthen your bones if consumed regularly. Apart from this Ragi help control diabetes and anemia. 

  • Spices

Mustard, hing, black pepper, ajwain, fenugreek are all warm spices that can be used freely. They are a great remedy to winter coughs and flu, stimulating appetite and digestion, increasing blood circulation and more. Methi seeds are beneficial to strengthen bones and joints. Moreover, turmeric is a great anti-microbial immunity building spice. So, definitely say yes to keeping things ‘spice-y’ this winter. 

These winter foods and drinks will ensure you stay warm and healthy. Other than these, make sure you sip on hot water or hot water drinks. The best drinks for winter season include ajwain water, kadhas and more. It is best to use an electric kettle in the winters as it makes it more convenient and safe to heat water. Read all about the different ways to use an electric kettle to know more on how you can use this appliance efficiently in your kitchen.