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What is a Halogen Heater? A Detailed Guide

  • 12 October

In the winter months, it becomes crucial to install heaters that help stay warm and cozy up the house. But which kind of heater is ideal for you?

Halogen heaters are preferred in today’s day and age over conventional gas room heaters. They are known to be good for the environment owing to their mechanical build which makes them the perfect choice for the winter season.


What is a Halogen Room Heater?

Wondering what a halogen room heater is? Let us break this down for you.

A halogen heater is composed of a heating bulb and lamp over a halogen element. This is what makes the light brighter, ultimately increasing its lifespan as well. There are no fumes emitted which makes halogen heaters safe for everyone in the family.

The best halogen heaters are lightweight and portable to use. They are suitable for every environment and help amplify existing heating in homes. So whether you’re staying in bed or spending time with family in the living room, you can expect to stay warm and toasty during the winter months.


Halogen Heater Guide


How do Halogen Heaters work?

If you’re wondering how a halogen heater works, you can start by plugging the appliance into a power source. When you switch the halogen room heater on, the halogen element radiates light while the heating bulb and lamp radiate instant heat into the room. Within a few minutes, you’ll find your space getting warmer.

The halogen element usually consists of the following. 

1. Fluorine

2. Chlorine

3. Bromine

4. Iodine

5. Astatine

The gases in the halogen element not only radiate an adequate amount of light but also keep the bulb last longer in comparison to regular heaters.

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Halogen Heater Guide


Are Halogen Heaters safe to use?

Is a halogen room heater safe? The answer is yes. Even though the gases in the halogen element radiate light, they are not the main source of heat. The heating bulb and lamp inside make the area around the halogen heater warmer. Hence, the layers of safety material over the heating element keep you protected from mishaps. Crompton provides Insta Cozy Halogen Heater  with 4 Level Safety and High Heating Efficiency.

This also means that halogen heaters can be operated by any member of the family, including children. However, we strongly advise supervising children while operating heating appliances at home. Always follow the safety tips while using a room heater.


Halogen Heaters vs Quartz Heater – What’s the Difference?

Heard of Quartz heaters in the market? Even though they are a good choice for small families, it’s better to weigh out your options before getting a heater for your home.

1. A Quartz heater radiates heat from its coils. These are composed of Quartz which directly warms up a space. On the other hand, halogen heaters use halogen gases to heat up the bulb in the appliance body.

2. A Quartz heater takes time to radiate heat in space whereas halogen heaters heat up quickly.

3. A Quartz heater is affordable whereas a halogen heater is on the pricier end owing to its composition.

4. Since Quartz heaters have heating rods or coils, there is a higher chance of them dying on you causing the entire appliance to stop working. On the other hand, halogen heaters have a heating bulb that is amplified via the halogen gases.


3 Things to Look For in your Halogen Heater

Are you pondering over buying a halogen heater? Here are 3 things to look for before making the purchase.

 1. The first question you should ask yourself is – ‘is a halogen room heater good for health?’ Halogen heaters don’t emit harmful gases or have burning coils. Hence, they curb pollution in spaces. Moreover, it has a bunch of safety features like protective grills, a safety cover, and a built-in automatic switch-off functionality.

2. The best halogen heaters last long when used correctly. Check the size of the space you want to keep your heater in. If it’s a compact area like your bedroom, you should place the halogen heater a few feet away from your bed. It will help warm up the room in no time.

3. If energy efficiency is your primary goal, halogen heaters can help save you money. Since they can heat your space up quickly, they can be turned off soon preventing you from increasing your electricity bill.


Why Should You Choose Crompton’s Halogen Heaters?

Make the most of your winter days with Crompton’s halogen heaters – some of the best in the market available today. With advanced features like temperature selection giving you the liberty to adjust your room temperature; a swing motor for wide angle oscillation to make the warmth reach every corner and heating efficiency that comes with minimum power consumption, Crompton’s selections of room heaters and water heaters are perfect for every family size.

What’s more? Halogen heaters from the house of Crompton also have 4 levels of safety features enabled. This is the ideal way to go about your winter months and stay cozy indoors.