The Best Room Heaters And Geysers From Crompton For A Toasty Winter

Get Toasty This Winter With Crompton Room Heaters And Geysers

  • 20 January

Get toasty with the best Room heaters and Geysers from Crompton Get toasty with the best Room heaters and Geysers from Crompton

Bone-chilling winter days are here, and keeping yourself warm becomes essential. Besides curling up in warm woollens, you need to have some extra warmth to beat the chill indoors, especially in areas where average temperatures drop below 10-15 degrees Celsius. So, beating the chills with the best room heaters and geysers from Crompton will make your room cosy and give you a refreshing hot shower.  

With a variety of high-tech room heaters and geysers available, all you have to do is select the one that meets your needs. These provide quick heating with easy use. Warm-up this winter with the best room heaters and geysers from Crompton, and bid farewell to winter blues:


Experience lightning-fast heating with Insta Fervour room heater

Are you looking for something that warms up your entire room? Then, explore this oil-filled Crompton room heater in black/ flashy copper colour and heat your entire room up. With Insta fervour wave fins technology, the circulation of the diathermic oil radiates quick heat and takes the chill off your room. The best part? This OFR couples a PTC fan heater that prevents overheating and adjusts itself to your desired temperature.   

Insta Fervour lets you experience warmth with zero suffocation, unlike other room heaters. You can find this fantastic OFR in three models for the best price range between INR 14,800 and INR 18,200.


Explore warmth efficiently with Insta Cozy room heater

In need of something that conserves energy? Crompton brings you Insta cozy that uses the latest power-saving technology of extra-long halogen tubes providing high heating efficiency. Explore the hassle-free four-level safety features of Insta Cozy and a cool touch plastic body that prevents you from burning yourself. In addition, the wide oscillation angle gives uniform heating to all corners of your room. 

Crompton has been at the forefront of developing high-quality products through advanced technology. And, room heaters with powerful heating cores, multiple temperature settings, rust and shock-resistant body proves why Crompton is the ultimate choice for all your heating needs. Crompton provides various room heaters. Know more about types of room heaters Now.


Enjoy a long and soothing shower with Solarium Qube geyser

In winters, everybody prefers to have a hot water shower. With its Solarium Qube storage water heater, Crompton takes care of you. If you are looking for higher storage tank capacities, you can now find tanks of 15L to 25L that offer a ready reservoir for large families. In addition, this stylish 5 star rated water heater comes with a powerful heating element for quick heating, which provides hot water in less than 10 minutes. Now dial your desired temperature without worrying about safety levels and indulge in a warm, soothing shower!


Get a refreshing bath with Juno Instant geyser

As the name indicates, an instant water heater heats water immediately.  If you are looking for something that doesn’t consume much space, Crompton’s Juno Instant water geyser is perfect for you. Juno comes with advanced four levels of safety, including auto thermal cut-off that protects you against possible risks. 

Gone are those days of waiting in front of the water heater to check when water turns hot! Equipped with neon indicators, it displays a green light when the water turns hot. The durable rust-proof body makes an aesthetic addition to your humble home.  

With features like triple-shield function to protect the body against water residue, and unique Gyroscopic technology to ensure fast heating, Crompton’s geysers offer you innovative solutions for a luxurious winter bathing experience.  

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