Electric Kettle vs Induction Stove: Which is the Better Choice?

  • 12 October

Crompton electric kettle Crompton electric kettle

Kitchen chores can get tedious when you’re making 3 to 4 meals a day. But thanks to the advancement of technology over the years, new kitchen equipment like electric kettles and induction stoves are providing one-stop solutions for all your needs.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of an electric kettle, you should know that it can heat up water or your favourite beverages in just a few minutes of plugging in the appliance. Yes, it’s that easy! This means that you no longer have to use a cooktop or microwave to do the needful.

Similarly, moving over traditional stoves, the induction stove has been a blessing for many households. Using an electromagnetic field located below the cookware’s glass surface, it generates heat that aids you in cooking your favourite dishes. This means that you do not need gas anymore in the kitchen!

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Doesn’t this make life simple?

Now if you want to understand the difference between these appliances, let’s head over to the next section. You might need an electric kettle, an induction stove, or maybe both!


Difference between an Electric Kettle and an Induction Stove

Induction stove vs an electric kettle – which is the ideal choice for your kitchen? If this thought strikes your mind, you should check out the below-mentioned factors for each of these kitchen appliances.

Factors Electric Kettle Induction Stove
Source of Heating Uses electricity derived from a power source to heat the beverage in the electric kettle. Uses electromagnetic charge generated beneath the glass surface of the induction stove.
Heat Settings An electric kettle has different heat settings. An induction stove usually heats food to boiling point and has a pre-set mode.
Energy Consumption It consumes less energy comparatively. Since cooking meals takes time, the energy consumption is more in comparison.
Variety of Food/Beverages It can boil any form of beverage including water, tea and coffee. An induction stove is ideal for cooking meals instead.
Price Starts from Rs. 700 Starts from Rs. 1000
Longevity Around 4-5 years Around 10,000 operation hours

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Pros & Cons of an Electric Kettle

Are there any electric kettle advantages that you can utilise? Take a look at both the pros and cons of using an electric kettle in your kitchen.

Pros Cons
Consumes less energy. Mostly helps in warming beverages rather than cooking meals.
Lightweight and easy to use. Proven to be less energy-efficient.
Boils beverages like water, tea and coffee within seconds. In case you’re cooking food like noodles in an electric kettle, the cleaning process can become tedious.
Doesn’t use gas or any other source of heating.  


While you weigh the pros against the cons before purchasing an electric kettle, you should be aware that most brands today offer modern electric kettles that can be used for more than one purpose. Hence, they can be used for cooking as well as heating up beverages.

Moreover, electric kettles also have an automatic power cut-off feature that helps reduce your electricity consumption. This is one of the important features to keep in mind while buying a kettle.


Pros & Cons of an Induction Stove

There are also some induction stove advantages that make this appliance better than an electric kettle. However, you can go through the pros and cons of an induction stove to make a conscious decision.

Pros Cons
Heats up very quickly. More expensive than electric kettles.
Offers precise temperature control to cook your food on low, medium or high heat. Requires specific cookware that is compatible with the induction stove.
Induction stoves are quite energy efficient. It takes time to perfect cooking on an induction stove. The right size of induction cookware needs to be used in order to get desired results while cooking.
While the pan gets heated quickly, induction stoves have a cool cooking surface. Might lead to overcooking food in the first few instances.
  Prone to scratching on the surface.
  Not lightweight or easy to use.

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The Takeaway

If you want easy cooking or drinking that happens within a few minutes, an electric kettle is the perfect choice for you and your family. It saves a lot of time and can be cleaned easily keeping a few tips in mind.

Each electric kettle comes with 1 year of warranty from the brand along with instant heating and ease of portability. With maximum safety features and aesthetic designs, Crompton’s electric kettles offer a convenient and pleasant user experience.

Thinking of purchasing an induction stove too? Check out Crompton’s selections with up to 7 built-in menu options and a wider surface on the stove to help you cook your dishes with ease.