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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Kettles: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • 18 September

  • 2 Minutes Read

We’re always looking for ways to improve our efficiency when it comes to mundane tasks such as heating water, preparing meals, doing the dishes, and so on. Electric water kettles are one such efficient tool to have around the house because they save time, and space, and are portable. Not to mention that they can be used for a variety of tasks, are lightweight, and can purify your water rather quickly.

While the list of benefits of using an electric kettle is endless, there are a few disadvantages that you might not be aware of. So, let’s get into the details of the electric kettle and help you choose the right kettle.

Advantages of an Electric Kettle

1. Easy to use

Electric kettles are fairly easy to use. For example, Crompton’s electric kettles use LED functioning for indications and have features like auto shut-off. The exterior of an electric kettle is made of insulating material, so no matter how hot the kettle’s contents are, your hands are safe.

 2. Saves time

Electric kettles can be used to boil water in a much shorter time as compared to a stovetop. The kettle can be functional at various boiling points depending on the model you purchase. The best electric kettles automatically shut off once the water is boiled, thereby conserving energy.

3. Saves money

Electric water kettles are much cheaper than a stovetop when it comes to basic cooking. For students living on their own, an electric kettle is multi-purpose; handy to boil water, cook and reheat food. It is also an energy-efficient and cost-effective gadget.

4. Safe to use

Electric kettles are extremely safe. They are wired to automatically shut off when the water is boiled. This ensures that energy is conserved and there is no risk in case you forget to switch it off. The dangers of open gas flames are also minimized.

5. Energy efficient

An electric kettle is one of the most energy-efficient devices to have around. Approximately, 80% of the heat consumed by the kettle is used to heat water. And not just that, depending upon the model you purchase, a kettle can be used to heat various other liquids, such as milk, tea, coffee etc.

6. Portable 

Modern electric kettles are portable as they can be used with a switch and a plug. You can easily carry them from one room to another for use. You can also store them in your checked luggage when travelling. It couldn’t be easier to have heated water on the go.

7. Best for one individual

Most electric kettles have a capacity of 1 litre, Crompton’s electric kettles are in the range of 1 to 2 litres, so you can purchase one that suits your needs best. If you live alone, purchasing a smaller kettle would be ideal and if you have a family, we recommend going for a bigger kettle.

Disadvantages of an Electric Kettle

1. Needs to be washed carefully after every use

One big disadvantage of using an electric kettle is that it is not very easy to clean, but needs to be carefully washed after every use. While cleaning, remember to be careful not to let the electric components come into contact with water. Here are some kettle cleaning tips for you.

2. Single heating vessel

The electric kettle is composed of a single heating vessel and unlike a stove, it does not have multiple burners. You will not be able to use it simultaneously for different purposes. If you are heating water, you will have to wait for the water to boil before you can start heating something else.

3. Not sufficient for more than 2-3 people

A single electric kettle will not be sufficient for more than 2-3 people. Depending on the number of family members you have, the cost of your kettle model will increase, and this will also impact the amount of energy being consumed to use it.


Finally, while an electric kettle can definitely make your life easier, weigh the pros and cons before purchasing one. Crompton’s electric kettles are portable, multipurpose, energy efficient, and well equipped with many modern features, and they come in a variety of sizes at reasonable prices. There will undoubtedly be more advancements in electric heating technology, and we look forward to bringing them to you. To read more about electric kettle kettle healthy or safe to use click here.