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Crompton’s Sandwich Maker: Your Quick Solution to a Healthy Meal

  • 12 September

We live in a fast-paced world where we don’t always have the time to prepare big meals.  You could be rushing to get to work in the morning, getting your children ready to go to school, heading to go out in the evening, or simply craving a small meal. A sandwich is the quickest and easiest solution. This is why you need a sandwich maker so that you can make sandwiches to carry on the go. 

Sandwiches are one of the easiest and most versatile things to make. However, it’s easy to just stuff some chicken and cheese and create a delicious sandwich, but this is how we compromise on our health. Most sandwich toasters do not have enough room to allow you to fill your sandwiches with healthy ingredients. Crompton’s sandwich maker allows you to liberally fill your sandwiches with healthy foods, and you don’t need to worry about them being smashed. 

Here are some of the key features of Crompton’s Quick Serve 2-Slice sandwich maker


Most sandwich makers can grill your sandwich too much or too less, so you need to find one that allows even grilling. Crompton’s sandwich toaster has a 700-watt heating element that provides the perfect toasting to your sandwich.

In addition, it is equipped with a floating hinge that prevents the cover from smashing the sandwich and spilling the filling. This allows you to make a generous and healthy stuffing for your sandwich. Enjoy making a heavy sandwich that is filling enough for big lunches and dinners. 

Along with this, you don’t need to worry about health problems in regularly toasting your sandwich in a sandwich machine, as we have a golden food-grade coating, making it safe to use routinely. In addition, you do not need to worry about cleaning your sandwich maker after making sandwiches, as the premium non-stick food-grade coating allows easy cleaning of the tray.

If you’re running out of options for your sandwich fillings, here are some healthy and delicious sandwiches you can make:

Healthy Type of Sandwiches

Greek Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich is as appetizing as it is healthy. The filling is a mixture of diced onions, apples, almonds, garlic, and sliced grilled chicken mixed with a few spoons of yoghurt. Add a few salad leaves to the base of the sandwich, put a few spoons of the greek chicken filling, and pop it in the sandwich maker to grill.

Veggie Sandwich

A fun way to incorporate all your greens into one meal, the Veggie Sandwich is a mix of multiple vegetables. The filling involves diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, and red onions dressed in mustard and apple cider vinegar and sprinkled with a dash of salt and pepper. Add a few lettuce leaves to the bed of the sandwich and put a few spoons of the filling on top. After a few minutes in the sandwich maker, it’ll be ready to devour!

Tuna Sandwich

If you often have a few tuna cans lying around in your house, this is a delicious and fun way to use them up. The filling involves a few spoons of mayonnaise, one spoon of mustard, some diced red onions, and shredded tuna, mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper. Just like the earlier recipes, you can stuff your sandwich with this tuna filling and allow it to toast in the sandwich toaster. 

The ingredients in these sandwiches are known to be healthy and delicious. If you are packing these sandwiches, wrap them tightly in foil, so that the effect of the toast stays. 

With Crompton’s sandwich maker, you can make sandwiches to carry on the go, and you don’t need to compromise on your health. Make your sandwiches as nutritious as possible while not worrying about them being smashed.