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Crompton’s Guide To Choosing The Best Water Heater For Your Home

  • 16 December

Water heaters are essentials in today’s times rather than luxuries. We need warm water throughout the year, especially during the winter months. Even though the winters last only for about three to four months in the country, it can get quite chilly every day, which can be even more uncomfortable if you don’t have hot water. With the use of some of the best water heaters, you can have your water quickly heated for a quick bath or a long shower. After all, hygiene is important no matter the weather!

Most Indian households require water heaters for daily use, especially in the north and northeastern areas. Once installed, water heaters are easy to use and can instantly warm up the water temperature so you have hot water to use. They are convenient to install and are available in different capacities that make them suitable for bathrooms of all sizes. Looking for the best geysers? Choose Crompton Water Heaters to keep you warm and fuzzy in the winter months.

Why Should You Choose Crompton Water Heaters?

Instant Water Heater Online From Crompton

Crompton is known for its mark of quality for more than two decades in the country. It is the most trusted brand for household appliances including lights, fans, water heaters, and pumps. The company has more than 1,50,000 retail outlets across the country. All Crompton products pass through stringent quality control processes and certification of BEE and ISI to bring you the highest quality. Crompton also has a wide service network with 365+ touchpoints across the nation to provide seamless service. 

Crompton water heaters are known for their high performance and durability. With a quick heating option, you can have your bath water warmed up within seconds. The water heaters can heat up to 45 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes which is adequate for a good bath. They don’t impose too much on your electric bills thanks to their smart energy management features. Every model also comes with 3 to 4 safety levels. The electric water heater also has a good storage capacity to last for a long bath or other family members throughout the day. This makes Crompton water heaters suitable even for areas with restricted water supply. The geyser prices are also quite affordable. 

The company supplies some of the best water heaters in India including large-capacity storage water heaters and the more compact instant water heaters. With different price ranges for the various requirements of Indian households, Crompton is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a brand that ensures quality, safety, and premium services.

So which Crompton water heater should you choose for your home? Storage or instant?

Difference Between Instant and Storage Water Heaters

Instant water heaters are different from storage water heaters. There are several factors that you need to consider before choosing a hot water geyser for your home.

i) Space: The space of your bathroom will decide how big a heater you require. Instant water heaters are more compact since their capacity ranges between 1-3 litres. If you have a small bathroom, an instant water heater will be perfect for you. For a larger bathroom, a  storage water heater with a capacity of 6-50 litres would be good for you and your family.

ii) Maintenance: An instant water heater requires low maintenance since it takes less space than a storage water heater. For the latter, pumps and fixtures are needed that increase the overall water heater price.

iii) Heating: Instant water heaters heat up within 1-2 minutes making them perfect for when you want a quick shower. Storage water heaters in comparison take at least 10-15 minutes to heat up because of their large size but store a greater quantity of water.

iv) Availability of Water: Not all areas have 24×7 water availability which make instant water heaters difficult to use. In this case, storage water heaters are effective since they can store water even if there is no supply of running water.

Now that you understand the requirements better, choose the best water heater in India for your home from Crompton’s wide range.

Best Water Heaters For Your Home

Install Crompton Water Heaters in your home to ensure years of comfort. Manufactured with the latest technology, these water heaters are equipped with the best features to make you avail a comfortable, and unlimited hot water supply.

Juno Instant Water Heater

Juno Instant Water Heater & Geyser From Crompton

The Juno Instant Water Heater is one of the premium variants from Crompton. It is equipped with 4 layers of safety enhancements that prevent the appliance from short-circuiting and prevent shocks. It is durable and boasts of advanced aesthetics. It heats up pretty quickly with a compact capacity of 3 litres. 

Find out more about Juno Instant Water Heater here.

Aqua Plus

Aqua Plus Instant Water Heater From Crompton

The Crompton Aqua Plus is one of the best Crompton water heaters in the market. It features an ABS body with a weldless tank made to reduce corrosion and rust. Since it is an instant water heater, it is performance-focused and heats water rapidly. It has a capacity of approximately 3 litres. The heating wire is made of copper that makes the product shockproof and rust-resistant.

Find out more about Aqua Plus here.

Solarium Vogue

Solarium Instant Water Heater From Crompton

The Solarium Vogue is one of the most popular instant water heaters from Crompton. It has a convenient one-of-a-kind LED display that indicates when the appliance is on and ready for a hot water flow. Featuring an ABS body, high-grade SS and weldless tank for corrosion free long life, it has a tank capacity of 3 litres.

Find out more about Solarium Vogue here.

Solarium Neo

Solarium Neo Storage Water Heater & Geyser from Crompton

One of the most sturdy storage water heater variants from Crompton is its Solarium Neo. It features a triple shield coating that protects the appliance body from rusting. It is also durable and shockproof.  The Incoloy heating element of this water heater ensures fast water heating with a superior Gyroscopic technology that prevents cold and hot water from mixing with one another. It also has a standby cutoff that does not impose on your electricity bill if left on. This water heater has a capacity ranging from 10-25 litres.

Find out more about Solarium Neo here.

Solarium Qube

Solarium Qube Instant water heater from Crompton

The Solarium Qube ensures fast water heating up to 1200gm. Since it has a large water capacity starting from 10 litres, it has also been designed with energy efficiency in mind. This model ensures that your electricity bill does not run too high, thanks to its standby cutoff technology. The appliance has a rust-proof body along with being shockproof and sturdy, which ensures that it will last for years.

Find out more about Solarium Qube here.

Rapidjet Plus

Rapidjet Plus electric water heater from Crompton

The Rapidjet Plus is a durable electric water heater that comes with 3 levels of advanced safety features and reaches 45 degrees Celsius in just 10 minutes. It boasts of a superior Glassline coating that prevents rusting and shocks. Rapidjet Plus also comes with a Magnesium Anode rod which offers extra rust protection for the metal tank. It has energy-saving features that do not bear a load on your consumption. 

Find out more about Rapidjet Plus here.


Whether you opt for storage or instant water heaters, it is a perfect addition to your home so you can experience the winter months comfortably. With a geyser, you will get to experience fabulous hot water baths all year long and maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Hot water baths also come with many other benefits like improved quality of sleep, reduced headaches, relieving cold and flu symptoms, relaxing the muscles, and improving blood circulation throughout your whole body.  

So, enjoy a comfortable bath and nourish yourself even during the winters by keeping yourself warm and healthy with Crompton water heaters and their #PerfectHotWater. Crompton does not only boast of its quality products with exceptional features but ensures that you and your family upgrade your quality of life!