Crompton electric kettle and cooktop - Make your cooking easy now!

Cooking Made Easy with Crompton’s Cooktop And Electric Kettle Range

  • 31 December

Crompton electric kettle Crompton electric kettle

The kitchen is the heart of every home and with Crompton electric kettle and cooktop, you can make your cooking experience pleasant. Crompton, one of India’s best home and kitchen appliances brands, has come up with a range of induction cooktops and electric kettles. These appliances are built with an aim to ease your cooking hassles. The best part about induction cooking is its simplicity. The induction cooktop utilises electromagnetism which results in quick and uniform heating of pans and pots. Quick heating enables you to have a seamless cooking experience.


All about Crompton’s Induction Cooktops 

Crompton’s Induction Cooktops are compact and are elegantly designed to use in the kitchen and dining area. To ensure quick and even heat-up, it is loaded with 1500 watt power.

We all seek high efficiency and productivity from our kitchen appliances. That’s what pushed Crompton to innovate something as path-breaking and stunner- induction cooktop. A blend of the latest technology and a design suits the Indian cooking style. The Instaserve induction cooktop is perfect for hassle-free cooking. Features like LED Display and 4 Indian Cooking Menus ease your food preparation tasks. This sleek and stylish induction cooktop gives even heat-up distribution while consuming less energy. Interserve 1500 Induction cooktop is thoughtfully designed to suit Indian cooking styles.


Crompton Electric Kettle

There was a time when boiling and heating water was a time-consuming procedure. But, with the invention and introduction of the electric kettle, boiling and heating water is a job that takes only a few minutes. The benefits of an electric kettle are innumerable, as they can be used for various purposes. If you check the current market, you would be surprised to find different brands and 100+ electric kettle models. We’re here to help you buy the right kettle. Let us give you a brief on Crompton’s range of electric kettles.

Activhot Electric Kettle from Crompton is worth considering as it comes with Double-Wall Protection. This extra protection ensures complete safety while heating. In addition, it has One-Touch Open Technology to avoid scalding of fingers. To offer additional protection and convenience, it has an auto shut off feature. It allows you to use it carefree without worrying about manually switching it off. Crompton’s electric kettle comes with a 1-year warranty. The range of electric kettles starts from INR 1,600-1,900 to best serve your heating needs.


Let’s check out some exciting ways to use the electric kettle

Boiling eggs, yes eggs! –  Eggs make a healthy food option, but usually, they take quite a lot of time on a gas stove. But using a Crompton electric kettle, you can achieve the same result in a few minutes. If you haven’t used an electric kettle to boil eggs, then you must try. It’s quick and simple!

Enjoying a cup of tea/coffee –  At times, you don’t have the patience to prepare your cup of coffee or tea. For such instances, you can make use of Crompton’s electric kettle. With its simple design, it can be kept on the table and use whenever you have tea/coffee cravings.

Cooking rice – You can cook rice in the Crompton electric kettle, although you will face a little clean up afterwards. To do this, simply soak some rice in water for 20 minutes. You can add some vegetables or spices of your choice, but avoid adding items like meat and fish along with it. Next, turn the kettle on and let everything cook for roughly 10-20 minutes, although timing may vary depending on the type of rice. But do not forget to clean the kettle well, for an efficient long term operation.

Crompton electric kettle and cooktop make your cooking effortless and are worth every buck. If you wish to buy Crompton induction cooktops or electric kettles, you can find the detailed features and description here.