Top 4 Mixer Grinders for Kitchen and Home by Crompton

Which Mixer Grinder is Best for Your Kitchen?

  • 2 October

  • 4 Minutes Read

Versatility in the kitchen is a growing demand for many Indian households. To fill in this requirement, modern kitchen appliances like a good mixer grinder can do wonders for your daily meal preparations.

A mixer grinder can help blend various food items together and at the same time grind both dry and wet ingredients to help you in your process. Being a versatile appliance, a mixer grinder serves many purposes and offers many advantages.

Some of the most prominent mixer grinder benefits include their ability to accommodate various food items including smoothie mixes, halwa, hard coconut and dry masala grinding. Moreover, top mixer grinder appliances have various ways of blending food which can be adjusted with a dial. This includes speed settings, and it is very easy to use.

So now that you’ve established the importance of a mixer grinder, are you willing to purchase one for your kitchen? If yes, head over to the next section.


4 Best Mixer Grinders for your Kitchen from Crompton

If you’re looking for the best mixer grinders for your home, here are some top selections from the house of Crompton.

1. Crompton Ameo Mixer

Crompton’s Ameo mixer grinder series is one of the best mixer grinders online. Featuring MaxiGrind technology for finer grinding results, it can help save a lot of time in the meal preparation process. It has a motor capacity of 750 watts and is composed of chrome-plated knobs to make your mixer grinder usage safe and convenient.

Priced at Rs. 6,600, this mixer grinder also has the following advantages.

1. Leak-proof lids to prevent spillage.

2. Ergonomic handles with flow breaker jars.

3. Overload protectors to make mixing and grinding hassle-free.

 The Crompton Ameo mixer grinder has 3 jars but is also available in a variety of 4 jars. You can also check out the Crompton Ameo Neo mixer grinder that comes with 3 stainless steel jars.


2. Crompton Duro Elite Mixer Grinder

One of the best mixer grinders available today is the Crompton Duro Elite mixer grinder. DuroElite comes with a powerful 800W Powertron Motor, which helps in grinding the hard ingredients, faster and in larger quantities. It has easy to clean single leaf blade, which also lets you relish the lump free smoothies and shakes, effortlessly.


3 . Crompton Qube Mixer Grinder

The Crompton Qube 7503J mixer grinder offers precision in grinding various dry and wet ingredients for your meals. As the name suggests, it has 3 stainless steel jars and offers superior technology that encompasses the following.

1. Powetron Motor: Offers optimum energy utilisation for maximum grinding results.

2. Motor Vent-X technology: Provides increased airflow leading to lower body temperature and longer product life.

3. Overload Protection: This ensures that the mixer doesn’t face low or high voltage and motor blockage.

4. In-built Pulse Switch: Comes with 3 different speed settings for improved grinding output.

 Its motor capacity stands at 750 watts. This mixer grinder is priced at Rs. 5300 which is inclusive of all taxes. This mixer grinder is also available with 4th Jar for blending applications.


3. Crompton Questa Delux (DLX)

The Crompton Questa DLX 500W 3J mixer grinder offers finest grinding results with 100% Copper Motor in 500W capacity. The mixer grinder promises durability and ergonomic design for ease of usage. 

Priced at Rs. 4100, the Questa DLX ensures you prepare the best of the meals every day with utmost ease. The Motor Vent-X technology keeps the mixer body cool ensuring durability and long life to the product.


Why Should You Choose Crompton’s Mixer Grinders?

Crompton offers you some of the best mixer grinders online and at major retail outlets. These mixer grinders come in different varieties and are priced at an affordable range to suit your needs in the kitchen.

 These appliances are equipped with the best mixing and grinding technologies making them some of the superior selections in the market today. They deliver an amazing finish to your meal preparations, offering you the flexibility of making smoothies, pastes, idlies, purees and even juices.

 Moreover, these mixer grinders look stylish and add an aesthetic value to your kitchen. With jars of different sizes and quantities, you are sure to amplify your multi-tasking skills in your home. Let us help you choose the right grinder!