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Are Optimus Air Coolers A Recommended Option?

  • 1 June

With the rising temperature this summer, you will need a way to deal with the heat. You may have gone through your options, and tried to choose something that fits best in your home and also fulfills your cooling requirements. We think air coolers are just what you might be looking for, and to choose from the best you may have looked for air coolers online or in the market as well. 

We found you a solution to fight against the heat in a cool way! Crompton’s Range of Optimus air coolers is the new cool way to beat the heat this summer. Want to know why? These are high-performance air coolers equipped to provide instant cooling even on the hottest days. They give higher air delivery as compared to other Crompton air coolers. Optimus air coolers include Tower, Desert, and Window coolers and thus offer a variety from which one can choose the best fit as per their requirements. Crompton’s Optimus air coolers include Optimus 65i, Optimus 35i, Optimus Prime 70, Optimus 65, Optimus Classic 70, Optimus Neo 52, etc.

The larger and wider fan blades help to deliver a wide air throw that ensures cooling in every corner of the room. The easy clean ice chamber enhances the performance of the air cooler and is easy to maintain. Optimus air coolers come with the everlast pump that is designed to work under hard water and it increases the longevity of the air cooler. Optimus air coolers take care of health and hygiene with the help of mosquito and dust filter net. This also improves the life of honeycomb pads. These air coolers are therefore surely a good investment with these features.

There is more to this range of air coolers than just the technical benefits which make it the best air coolers’ range. With the Optimus 65i and Optimus Neo 35i, you can get instant cooling with just one button as they come with a smart remote that makes them convenient to use. Some of the Optimus air coolers such as Optimus 65i, Optimus 100, Optimus 35i and Optimus Neo 52, are easily portable because they have castor wheels present at the bottom. These air coolers are esthetically designed and have neutral themes to fit well with your home interiors. 

Crompton’s Optimus range of air coolers is user friendly and low maintenance with all the key benefits. These are definitely a good choice for Indian households, as these units come in different sizes, and you can pick the one that can fits well in your home space. 

Now that you know all about this ‘cool’ range of air coolers we think it’s time to get home an Optimus air cooler for ‘Jaldi Cooling’. Also, to know which air coolers suit Indian climate you can read about the types of air coolers recommended to be used in India.