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All You Should Consider Before Buying An Induction Cooktop

  • 22 December

Technology has changed the way you cook, and one great innovation has been the induction cooktop. No more running out of cylinder gas or worrying about booking one. This electricity-based cooking solution lets you make your hot cup of morning tea to any exotic recipe of your choice. In this article, we will explore what you need to keep in mind when using an induction cooktop and its features. 

Points to Remember When Using A Cooktop

You can’t use all types of pots and pans with these home appliances. Keep these factors in mind when buying an induction cooktop: 

Type of Vessel

The vessels you use should be compatible with an induction cooktop. They should be magnetic, smooth, and flat. To check the magnetic qualities of a vessel, place a magnet under it.

The preferred choice would be vessels made of enamelled cast iron, cast iron, and stainless steel. However, there are some types of cooktops that allow all materials. They are called a converter, and they use iron plates. The converter stays between the vessel and the induction cooktop. 

Size of the Vessel

Cooking vessels that are used on an induction cooktop should be of a certain size so that the cooktop can detect it. They should be at least 4 inches in size and less than 12 to 14 inches. Some cooktops have a feature called element bridging to overcome this problem. 

Not For Charring

Never use the induction cooktop for charring items like roast peppers or marshmallows. 

Zoneless Units

When you use cast iron and stainless steel vessels, the heat is evenly spread through the induction cooktop. If you need large cookware, you can invest in a zoneless unit. With a zoneless unit, the induction cooktop will enable the use of a vessel of any size. 

Pure Copper Wire

For optimal performance of your induction cooktop make sure that it uses certified pure copper wire. Some manufacturers mix some cheap material with the copper wire to keep costs low. A cooktop using an inferior-quality copper wire will not cook evenly and quickly. 

Important Features of an Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is convenient, safe, and provides you with a superior cooking experience. Given below is a guide to finding the best induction cooktop that fits your cooking needs. 

Wattage/Power Rate

Family sizes differ, so the wattage or power rate of your cooktops would depend on the size of your family. Since the speed of cooking depends on the power rate, go for a 2000-watt induction cooktop if you have a large family. Our Instaserve induction cooktop is 2000 watt. For smaller families, a 1500-watt induction chulha would be a better option. You save a lot of cooking time. 


Safety is an important consideration for home appliances. There is an overheat protection feature in these cooktops that ensures automatic regulation of the temperature by a thermostat. Being powered by electricity, the possibility of harm from flames is not there. Our Instaserve 1500 watt induction cooktop maintains temperature precisely through the thermostat, and prevents overheating.

Pre-Set Cooking Menu

An induction cooktop not only saves time due to faster cooking, but they have a preset cooking menu so that you know the optimal temperature needed for cooking a specific dish. You have the option of cooking between 4 and 6 Indian cuisines with the induction chulha.

Easy To Clean

Keeping your induction cooktop spotlessly clean is easy since it has a flat cooking surface. Unlike gas stoves, you don’t have to deal with knobs or dirt traps. You need a clean microfiber cloth to clean any spillage. This makes boiling milk convenient with these cooktops.

Energy Efficient

The auto shut off feature with the preset menus of an induction cooktop leads to less power consumption. You save on electricity bills. 

Healthy Cooking

Since for a healthy life, you need healthy food, an induction chulha is a great option since it retains the vital nutrients and vitamins in your food. 


With six temperature levels from 60 degrees to 200-degree Celsius, you can regulate the timer to help you prepare dosas or chapatis with your versatile induction chulha. This makes cooking much easier for you since you don’t need to worry about switching off the appliance. 

Supports Bigger Utensils

The glass size of the induction cooktop is 270 mm x 280 mm, giving you a wider cooking surface. You don’t need to worry about bigger utensils, and there is even heat distribution for faster cooking. 

Portable Design

The induction chulha is lightweight and compact. This makes storage and handling easy. If you are going for a picnic or want to have a terrace barbeque party, an induction cooktop is a great option since they are portable. 

With all these features, the cooktops from Crompton are surprisingly affordable at a price of around INR 3000/- to 3500/-.

Enjoy The Thrill of Cooking

Technology has made cooking easier and more exciting with an induction cooktop. Before you buy a cooktop, you need to know how to use it. Use utensils that are safe for such home appliances. 

Cook a variety of Indian dishes by setting the timer as required. Depending on your family size, you would need a cooktop with a higher wattage for faster cooking. Enjoy the benefits of these cooktops with some amazing features and great value for money.