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Heat Convectors – Here’s all you need to know

  • 3 October

  • 4 Minutes Read

The winters are almost here, bringing along a chilly atmosphere and the need for comfort and warmth. All you wish to do is lay in bed wearing warm sweaters, sipping a hot cup of masala chai. However, instead of snuggling under the weight of multiple blankets, you can stay warm at home effortlessly with the help of a convection heater. 

If you’re wondering ‘What is a convection heater?’ and how to buy the right one, we’re here to guide you! With Crompton, you can find the right convection heater for your home. Crompton also provides top-quality room heaters.


What is a convector heater?

Otherwise called a convection heater, a convector heater is a kind of heater which uses convection to transmit heat with the help of the movement of liquid or gas. Since it is dependent on the movement of air for heating, the mechanisms of a convection heater are similar to those of a convection oven or a convection stove. 


How does a convector heater work? 

This type of heater contains a radiator that uses convection to move heat through the development of fluid or gas. A convection heater varies from radiant or conduction heating as it relies on air development. Insta Airohot Heat Convector with turbo fan design

With regards to focal warming, it works by warming a room beginning at the top. 


Uses of a Convection Heater

Utilising the concept of “convection,” the air within a convector is heated, decreasing the air’s density in comparison to the surrounding cooler air, enabling it to rise due to its lightness. As the heated air moves upward, the cooler air on the floor is pulled into the convector, building a consistent flow.

From heating office buildings, well-insulated buildings, or buildings with large expanses of multi-story windows, there is a heat convector available for everything. Insta Delight comes with three settings and an adjustable stand.

On the other hand, there’s also another way to heat homes: with the help of a radiant heater. A radiator supplies heat straight to the floor or to panels in the walls and ceilings of your home. 

The heater relies majorly on radiant heat transfer, delivering warmth straight from the hot surface to the space in the room as a result of infrared radiation.

Be it a radiator or a heat convector, follow these safety tips while using a room heater.

Convector VS Radiator 

The difference between a convector vs radiator is that a convector requires a medium (air) to transfer heat, while a radiator can manage even in the absence of one.

A heat convector, as well as a radiator, are both appropriate ways to heat your home. However, while finding the right fit for your home, it is important to understand the differences between the two and the benefits they both provide. Only then can you make an informed decision and make a sensible purchase. 

Let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of both, a heat convector and a radiator.


Advantages of a Heat Convector

A convection heater can heat a room evenly as it depends on the rise and fall of the air in the room. They can also be placed at unconventional spots like high near the ceiling or at the very bottom of a staircase. This results in spreading heat in a more flexible manner.

Moreover, since they don’t require ductwork to function, a convection heater would be relatively noiseless and undisturbing. Crompton’s Insta Comfort gives a modern aesthetic look and also comes with a noiseless blower

Advantages of a Radiator

The biggest advantage of having a radiator, like a halogen heater or a quartz heater, is that it takes up less time and energy to heat a room. Systems installed in floors are also relatively easy to install and don’t require tedious maintenance. 

Since it functions on infrared radiation, the objects in a radiant heater’s spectrum will absorb heat much better than when in contact with a heat convector. 


How to Decide Between a Convection Heater and Radiator? 

When contemplating whether you should choose a convection heater or a radiator, you must keep your needs and wants in mind. The age of your home, the location, the area, and your personal requirements play an important role in the purchase decision. 


Features to look for in a Heat Convector

If you’re looking for the right convection heater for your home, there are certain features you should look out for. Crompton’s range of convectors is brilliant and smartly designed. 

They provide variable heating positions of 665W, 1330W & 2000W, allowing you to control the level of heat according to your comfort. The heaters are nearly weightless, highly portable, and also come with a cord winder to ensure a tangle-free heating experience. 

With Crompton, you can adjust the height from which the convector spreads heat with the help of our adjustable stand. Our shockproof body ensures safety and turbofan design ensures your room is heated effectively and quickly. 


A heating system installed in your home is a necessity during the winter. If you wish to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed heating experience, Crompton has your back! We’re here to help you buy the right room heater, a must have winter appliance.