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6 Must-have Kitchen Appliances In Every Kitchen

  • 26 March

If you think fresh ingredients and tasty recipes are all you need to cook a wholesome dish, think again! It’s the kitchen appliances in your home that put the entire meal together and allow you to prepare a variety of different food items in an easy and time-efficient manner.

Every person who knows to cook needs the right cooking appliances to produce a delicious meal. Each appliance fulfils a certain role and if even one is missing, the entire recipe will not work. However, it’s not easy to find the perfect appliances for your kitchen. There are many factors that need to be considered before you purchase these must-have kitchen appliances


6 Kitchen Appliances You Need in Your Home


Cooking is an art and the best kitchen appliances are the tools with which this art is brought to life. However, finding and choosing the correct appliances can be a task. If you are looking for inspiration here is a list of 6 essential appliances for the kitchen. 


  • Electric Kettle
  • Mixer grinder or juicer mixer grinder
  • Induction cooktop
  • Sandwich maker
  • Rice cooker 
  • Wet grinder


Prepare Tasty Beverages with Electric Kettle 

When we think of small kitchen appliances that pack a punch, electric kettles are the first to pop into our minds. An electric kettle is a self-contained heating unit used to prepare tea, coffee and other beverages. Electric kettles are much more energy efficient than gas stoves since they automatically switch off once they reach their peak boiling point. There is also no chance of over-boiling, spillage and nasty burns involved.

Especially when you are travelling or running late in the morning, an electric kettle can be a saviour by providing hot water in a matter of seconds. It’s small, cost-effective and super convenient to use anytime and anywhere. If you wish to use your kettle for varied purposes, refer to Best way to use an electric kettle.

Enjoy Easy Meal Prep With a Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders and juicer mixer grinders are among the most popular and useful kitchen appliances that make meal preparation convenient and easy. From grinding dry spices to making purees and fine pastes, a mixer grinder is a  multi-purpose kitchen appliance. As the name suggests, a juicer mixer grinder combines the benefits of a mixer and juicer in one power-packed kitchen appliance. It comes in a variety of power modes and blade shapes to juice even the toughest of fruits and vegetables with ease. Its compact size makes it a pleasant addition to your kitchen counter. Refer to Mixer Grinder buying guide to choose the right one for your kitchen.

Modern Cooking with Induction Cooktops

The good old gas stove has been rightfully replaced by a modern yet energy-efficient induction cooktop. Induction technology uses direct induction to heat compatible magnetic cookware for fast and effective cooking. It is a must-have modern kitchen appliance for those looking for less wasteful, safer and quicker cooking. 

Induction cooktops allow precise heat control safer considering you do not have to deal with flames or gas leaks. Increased energy efficiency means lower energy consumption bills and a healthier environment. They might be a bit more expensive than gas stoves, but the safety, ease of clean up and speed factors make them one of the best electric kitchen appliances. Here are All things you should consider before buying an Induction cooktop.

Make Quick and Delicious Meals with Sandwich Makers

Among all kitchen electronic appliances, sandwich makers are the easiest and safest to operate. A good sandwich maker does not need too much space and can be packed and put away till it’s needed again. It’s also an affordable appliance that can also make delicious wraps and paninis on the go. Sandwich makers are safe and easy to operate, so even school-going kids can make their own tiffins and become independent. Choose the right sandwich maker with our buying guide.

Prepare Healthy Meals with a Rice cooker

A rice cooker or rice steamer is used to cook or steam rice in half the amount of time. The best part of rice cookers is that even if you put less or more water, you can be assured that you will get perfectly cooked rice each time around. The heat is evenly distributed so there is no chance of burned or mushy rice. Some rice cookers also come with a steamer for you to steam vegetables and chicken/fish, so you can prepare an entire meal using just one appliance. It’s among the best kitchen products if you want to save time, money, and energy. To understand the Difference between a Rice cooker and Pressure cooker, click to read!

Prepare Delicious Indian Meals with a Wet Grinder 

If you belong to an Indian household, you have definitely heard of the dependable and multi-faceted food preparation appliance called the wet grinder. It is specially used in Indian cuisine to grind food grains and spices to make pastes and liquid batters for dosas and idlis. Because of their compact size, wet grinders are easy to store and operate. However, they can grind large quantities of grains at one go, making it a quick and efficient kitchen appliance. It’s a highly durable and reliable kitchen electronic product for the long run.

Find State-of-the-art Kitchen Appliances at Crompton

Crompton is home to a wide range of innovative and dependable home kitchen appliances that are smartly designed to improve your cooking experience and quality of life. You will find all these must-have modern kitchen appliances right here! With superior technology and energy-efficient mechanisms, our appliances deliver superior and long-lasting performance. From electric kettles to rice cookers, Crompton is the perfect choice for all your kitchen essentials!