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4 Best Air Coolers To Buy Under Rs.10,000

  • 8 May

As the summer heat increases its time you pamper yourself with an air cooler. But finding an air cooler with apt features and something that also fits your budget sounds tough? Don’t worry, beat the heat every summer with the wide range of Crompton air coolers. We bring to you 4 best options under ₹ 10,000 to choose your pick and enjoy cooling like never before!   

1) Marvel Dlx

Marvel Dlx by Crompton is a personal air cooler for ₹8,900. It has an air delivery speed of 1350 m³/hr. It comes with a tank capacity of 20L and a drain plug which drains out water quickly that helps in cleaning the air cooler. It also has ice chambers which make the specialised honeycomb pads cool down, allowing cool air to be released out. It also comes with an air control system which will help you to maintain regulation on the air speed. It is capable of cooling a room area with 160 sq. feet with a maximum wattage of 140 Watts. 

2) Optimus Neo 27

Optimus Neo 27 by Crompton is a tower air cooler for ₹10,000. It has a tank capacity from 21L to 40L. With air delivery capacity of 1350 m³/hr, it has a high-end honeycomb cooling pad which helps in better airflow. The effective ice chamber present in the air cooler cools down the temperature and makes the air cold. Optimus Neo 27 has a room cooling area of 1589 cubic feet while utilising maximum wattage of 130 Watts. It is equipped with a pump which seamlessly functions even in hard water. It is mosquito-free and comes with a dust filter net. It has air channels with a 4-way deflection system which allows the air to reach all maximum ends. Along with this it comes with a motor overload protector which regulates the functioning of the motor and controls it from overloading. 

3) Ozone Chill

Ozone Chill is an effective window air cooler which can be purchased for ₹9,990. With a tank capacity of 54L, it comes with a water drain plug which enables easy cleaning. It has a high air delivery speed of 2000 m³/hr. With a room cooling area capacity of 2354 cubic feet it functions in a maximum wattage of 200 Watts. Ozone Chill comes with unique wood cooling pads that allow the cooler to release air smoothly. Along with this it also comes with air speed controller which regulates the speed in which air is flowing. 

4) Ginie 

Ginie air cooler by Crompton is a personal air cooler for ₹3,999. It has a tank capacity of 7L with air delivery speed of 650 m³/hr. It pulls maximum wattage of 90 Watts and cools the room area of 765 cubic feet. It comes with a water drain plug which allows seamless water drainage that helps in comfortable cleaning. It is also equipped with honeycomb cooling pads that are specialised cooling pads which provide better air cooling. Inbuilt ice chambers decrease the temperature of the pads, resulting in cool air passing through them. An air control technology is also present in the cooler which helps you control the airspeed.

These options are very durable, budget-friendly and have low maintenance. Crompton air cooler are made with high-end technologies making your air delivery experience seamless and enjoyable at all times. So, what’s the wait for? Explore ahead, the world of Crompton air cooler before the summer heat starts raging. And enjoy experiencing the icy refreshing air from these ever-efficient Crompton air coolers.