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Why Crompton’s Optimus Air Coolers Are A Must-Have For The Summers

  • 31 March

Optimus Air Cooler online in India - Crompton Optimus Air Cooler online in India - Crompton

The season for air coolers is here! As the temperature steadily rises, there’s no doubt that we’ll need some cooling options which is why many are looking for the best air cooler available at the best prices. We have a wide range of coolers available but there’s a range that has stood out. Crompton’s Optimus air cooler series has a little of everything. It’s been built for durability, efficiency, and most importantly – superior cooling. Let’s tell you more about it in detail. 


Superior Cooling with Optimus Air Coolers

There are some amazing features that you will find in all Optimus air coolers that already put it ahead of the competition like the Everlast pump that’s designed to handle hard water. Optimus series also comes with some special elements that make #JaldiCooling possible. 

The cooling medium is one of the most important parts of an air cooler. Optimus air cooler models have high-density honeycomb cooling pads with improved water retention that provides better cooling. Paired with an ice chamber and the wider angle air throw by 4-way air deflection that reaches every corner of the room, you get a chill breeze that’ll make you forget about the summer heat. 


More Features 

Remote Control: When you have an air cooler with remote control, you don’t have to get up and go to it to change settings. You can change the auto-swing, speed, and more at the touch of a button, just like you would with an air conditioner.  Optimus 65i and Optimus Neo 35i come with remote controls. 


Auto Drain Knob with Humidity Control: Air cooler takes a little extra effort to run than a fan or AC but using it is made simpler with an auto-drain knob that can automatically drain the water. Humidity control in Optimus coolers also makes sure that the optimum level of humidity is maintained. This feature is exclusively available on Optimus 65 and Optimus 65i desert coolers. 


Mosquito Net and Air Filter: Since air coolers take in the air from open areas, there’s a risk of taking in dust and insects. The air filter and mosquito net on Optimus air coolers trap all of that so you always get fresh air and a mosquito-free environment.  


Portability: One big advantage of air coolers is their portability and we’ve kept that in mind with the designs of all our Optimus models. You can move the desert cooler models and tower coolers easily with the castor wheels on the base. Our window coolers also come with a Duro metal trolley so you can easily place these wherever you want too. 


Motor Overload Protector: Since air coolers have electrical components, if there is a voltage overload, it can damage it. All Optimus coolers come with a motor overload protector so it’s most important part isn’t damaged even in case of a surge. 


Inverter Compatible: But what good would all the features be if it can’t run if the power goes out? That’s why we have made all Optimus air coolers inverter compatible so the cooling doesn’t have to stop.  


Explore the Optimus Range 

Whether you want to feel the chill air of the cooler out on a lawn or indoors, there’s an Optimus cooler for your every need. 

A desert cooler can give you the most value for money and our Optimus 65i has all the features that the range has to offer. Don’t need the high-capacity cooling of desert cooler or just need enough for a small space? Optimus Neo tower coolers are the way to go. Looking for an air cooler? We have that too with Optimus Prime 70. Want to cool an extra-large space? You can go for the Optimus 100 that comes with a high water tank capacity of 100 litres.  

There’s also the air cooler price to consider and we have Optimus models ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 21,500. Not sure which one to get? Check out our air coolers buying guide for 2021.