Types of Fans To Enjoy A Cool Breeze At Home

Types of Fan for your Home

  • 26 March

Matching cushions, check. Painted walls, check. Color-coordinated lights, check. But are still struggling to pick fans for your home? Visiting a store to select a fan without any plan in mind is like picking out a needle from the hay, and the circumstances aren’t very different when you browse through options online. With a variety of fans available, you can be spoiled for choice. Even though you may know that all types of fans for your home serve a different purpose, it may be perplexing to choose correctly. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a tour of the different types of fans you can choose from for your home. 


6 Types of Fans for your Home

1. Ceiling Fans 

There is no better feeling than returning home after a tiring day and sitting on your couch under the fan with a glass of chilled water. Today, fans are more than just a tool that provides a comfortable breeze, they’re an accessory. If your house has bright-coloured walls and flashy lights, you might want to consider ceiling fans with lights to complete the look of your home. There are different types of ceiling fans for people who want to add some finesse to their homes—noiseless fans, fans with chandeliers, fans that come in various colours and designs, fans that don’t collect dust, etc. These fans are not only fancy but also convenient. If you don’t want to waste too much money and have limited space in your room, you can purchase a small ceiling fan. If  You can always narrow down your search list after noting down your preferences and choose what you think would be the best ceiling fan for your home.

2. Table Fan 

Seeing a table fan in an Indian household isn’t really a surprise to behold. Table fans have been in a number of houses for years together because of their ability to provide a comfortable breeze in a smaller space. If you’re looking for a fan that has exceptional fan speed, a high-speed table fan will do the trick. The best table fans in India are durable, have the lowest prices and come with the most minimalistic designs. Select a fan based on the functionality of the motor of the table fan and and the benefits that the table fan offers. While style is an important factor to consider, a product could mean nothing without its basic functions. But the best part about tabletop fans is that they are energy efficient and can help lower your energy consumption bills. Learn more about the power consumption of a Table Fan. They’re definitely an excellent option if you’re renting a flat for a short period of time and don’t want to waste too much money on electronics.

3. Wall-Mounted Fan 

Wall-mounted fans remind you of the fans installed in royal courts, don’t they? If you want a fan that will only cover a small area but will swivel in all directions then this one’s for you. With temperatures constantly on the rise, a high-speed wall fan is a good investment to make for your home. Mostly used in tinier spaces, this fan saves floor space and makes a good appliance near your dining table or right in the centre so that it can cool all corners of your home. Take note of all your surroundings and be sure to place it away from obstructions of any kind. Modern wall fans look sleek and can complement a home with designs that are stylish and not over-the-top. There’s always the traditional wall-hanging fan that can be placed anywhere on an elevated platform. If you’re looking for some fresh air after you’ve finished preparing a fresh meal, a kitchen wall fan can be your companion.

4. Pedestal Fans 

Pedestal fans, also known as stand fans, offer a lot of features and benefits. They are light and a versatile option for your home. They are affordable and come in different types, colours and sizes. You can even control the speed of the pedestal fans that come with remotes. They can be placed anywhere, as long as there’s a switchboard nearby to connect the plug. The best pedestal fans are portable and ventilate the entire space. You can pick your fan depending on its design, functionality and requirements. Parents, however, should be careful about their children and make sure that they don’t put their fingers through the fan. Also read about things to keep in mind before buying a Pedestal Fan.

5. Exhaust Fans 

Exhaust fans are used for a slightly different reason—their primary purpose is to eliminate any exhaust or fumes and cool the room by clearing the air. Exhaust fans, also known as window fans or ventilation fans, are found mainly in one of two places, kitchens and bathrooms. After roasting a chapati or using a pressure cooker, smoke can fill the kitchen and cause discomfort. This is why it is recommended that you install an exhaust fan so that you can quickly ventilate the room and purify the air. Bathroom exhaust fans stop excessive heat from building up in your bathroom after a hot shower. While certain fans may serve as luxuries, exhaust fans are more of a necessity in your home. Know more about Exhaust Fans with our detailed guide.

6. Tower Fans

Save space with these contemporary fans that are dominating all new households. Tower fans, also known as vertical fans, are tall, portable fans that provide good air delivery, not just to the person sitting in front of it, but to the entire room. These fans have a compact design and built-in ionisers that help in purifying the air. These fans are easy to assemble and can be ideal for both small and large rooms, depending on the size of the tower fan. Cooling tower fans or air cooler tower fans work as an excellent alternative to air-conditioners since they’re a lot more affordable and occupy less space. Most tower fans come with a bladeless design, making it a safe option for your home if you have children around. Tower fans can especially be useful for kitchens—a place where the air requires purification and you definitely need to keep your calm. 


Who invented the table fan? 

Schuyler Skaats Wheeler invented the table fan along with a number of other electronic devices in his time. He did all of this only at the age of 22 in the year 1882.

How to clean a table fan? 

Before you start cleaning a table fan, make sure that you disconnect the plug. Then dismantle the different parts with the help of a screwdriver and dust off the blades and the outer grid of the fan and then wipe it with a wet cloth or soak it in water. Avoid touching the motor initially—you can vacuum clean it or use a dry toothbrush once your blades are left to dry.

What are the uses of a fan? 

A fan is used primarily to provide a comfortable breeze to your home. Different types of fans do this in different ways but achieve the same result. Some fans also help in purifying the air and ventilation.