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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Ceiling Fan

  • 7 May

In today’s time ceiling fans are no more the insignificant fixtures of your home. They now come in various tones and technology to add an exciting element to your home decor. Ceiling fans are an inevitable part of our households. May you be planning to buy your very first ceiling fan or you might be replacing your current ceiling fan, it isn’t an easy decision to make. Ceiling fans are now made with more detail and style. They are made in different finishes, with different technologies, colour and sizes to fit the requirement of every home. Hence it might get tough to escape the confusion and get out of this dilemma. Whenever you come forward to choose a ceiling fan for your home, you would want to be sure about it before actually going and buying it.

We bring to you 4 essential factors to consider before buying a ceiling fan. It is recommended to consider and analyse these points as they shall direct you towards buying an accurate fit for your home in all dynamics be it mechanism, size or style.

1) Energy Consumption
Ceiling fans are one of the few home appliances which are used around the clock. Due to the continuous use of ceiling fans, there is a lot of energy consumption from home to home. Ceiling fans with modern technologies are great at improving room comfort while at the same time save money. It beholds the aesthetics of your room with chic design, supreme air delivery and cuts down your energy utilisation. Hence, it is recommended that you buy an energy-efficient ceiling fan with ActivBLDC technology. Crompton ceiling fans with ActivBLDC technology have specialised motors which not only help in reducing energy consumption but also reduces your electricity bill.

2)  Size and Dimension
To experience maximum performance, it is very important to buy a ceiling fan which is apt as per the size of your room. A comparatively small area like balcony, bathroom, kitchen or gallery need not need a huge fan. Whereas a comfortably spacious drawing room, bedroom or dining area works well with a 50” to 54” ceiling fan. A ceiling fan bigger than the size of the room or vice versa would be of no use. So be it outdoor or indoor, the location is to be considered while buying a ceiling fan that fits accurately to your size requirement. 

3) Design and Style
A fan isn’t just a fixture, it is an integral part of Indian home decor. The look and feel of the ceiling fan should be in-tone with the style and aesthetics of the room it is fitted in. Ceiling fans come in elegant finishes be it laminated veneers, solid wood, metallic, electroplated, rustic or PU finish. Various materials are used in making ceiling fans. Using durable material is essential as it makes the fan sustainable and determines its quality. Some fans also come with in-built light technology. So, with Crompton Modern ceiling fans choose a design, finish and colour of your choice that suits well with your interior.

4) Budget
Budget is an important factor when it comes to buying ceiling fans. It becomes the key deciding factor for you when you chose which kind of ceiling fan you should purchase. Crompton ceiling fans are available in a wide range and affordable price range with amazing features. You can read our blog on Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs. 5,000 and further explore our range of efficient ceiling fans.

Hope this helps you to choose the fan that best suits your homes, office spaces or even for outdoor settings.