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Table, Pedestal or Wall Mounted: Which One Is The Best For Your Home?

  • 27 May

What to choose: table, pedestal or wall mounted? What to choose: table, pedestal or wall mounted?

As we approach the hotter part of the year, the demand for fans has only grown. To meet this increasing demand, many types of fans like table, pedestal and wall-mounted fans have been introduced over the years. Since there are so many varieties currently available in the market, they can be quite overwhelming to choose from. So, we will help you understand the various uses of these fans and if they are the best pick for your home. Let’s begin!

Table Fans

High speed table fans offer a quick way to curb the rising temperature in relatively smaller spaces which require constant air flow like parts of your homes or small shops. In India, table fans may seem like they are very highly priced but in reality, they are one of the most affordable yet customized cooling options. Table fans can be easily moved around the house with the help of an extension cord and its low electricity consumption also makes it a great eco-friendly option. Usually smaller spaces can get very loud so buying a table fan like Crompton’s SilentPro Pentaflo TF is recommended for spaces that require noise-free and superior air delivery!

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans are mounted on an adjustable stand which makes them the most suited option for bigger spaces that can afford to give away a small portion of its carpet size. Pedestal fans promise to deliver powerful and uniform air delivery across even the biggest of rooms. They are easily portable and can be used indoors as well as outdoors because of its lightweight frame. The personalized energy-saving speed modes for instant cooling and sturdy structure of pedestal fans like Crompton’s Whirlwind Gale, make it an excellent choice for beating the scorching heat without any hassle!

Wall Mounted Fans

Wall mounted fans would be the best option for you if you are running out of floor space. Not only are they easy to install and use, but they are also great for ventilating places that tend to feel stuffy. Wall mounted fans are being used in personal as well as commercial spaces as a quick and easy solution to the heat! These fans are becoming increasingly popular due to their high performance, wide and instant cooling. That is not all, Crompton’s High Flo Cressida comes with remote controls that make it possible for you to use it even from across the room!

To choose or not to choose from table, pedestal and wall mounted was the question we hoped to answer. Check out Crompton’s vast range of fans for a better cooling experience!