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Say Hello To Silent Fans With Energy-Saving

  • 28 May

The best energy saving fans with ActivBLDC technology The best energy saving fans with ActivBLDC technology

Sitting by your window with a mug of hot coffee, experiencing the serene cold breeze as if you are in a tranquil hill station. Does it sound tough in this raging heat of the city? Brining to you  SilentPro Enso by Crompton. A one of its kind advance ceiling fan equipped with high-end technologies making your cooling experience silently the best!

The most unique feature is its silent air delivery. SilentPro Enso is a ceiling fan that is uniquely crafted to offer superior air delivery while functioning silently. The noise level maintained by SilentPro Enso under testing conditions is of about 52 DB. This is approximately 2 times more silent than most conventional fans in the market. This feature of silent operation not only reduces the unwanted noise made while the fan’s working but also helps people to calmly experience the air.

SilentPro Enso comes equipped with ActivBLDC technology. The ActivBLDC technology fan are more energy-efficient due to their ability to pull less energy load. It is observed that a conventional fan’s electricity bill comes up to ₹ 3,000 annually per fan whereas the bill of SilentPro Enso is just of ₹1,600. This great saving was only possible due to ActivBLDC technology used in Crompton ceiling fans. SilentPro Enso works at a high speed using very low harmonic distortion of 5% compared to the industry average of 24%. Because of lower harmonic distortion is experienced there is a better usage of input current by cancelling disturbance. This technology converts 98% of the input current to usable electricity which helps down in cutting consumption of energy. 

Due to this a drastic decrease in the electricity bill current is also observed. In today’s time where there is an evident lack of resources and instability in the environmental circle around the globe, SilentPro Ensois an ideal choice to help you reduce energy consumption and in turn reduce the amount of money you spend on your electricity bill.

This ceiling fan also comes with remote control to provide you with an easy and seamless remote operation. The remote uses radio-frequency technology to operate which allows the fans to be controlled from anywhere. You no more need to point your remote to your Silent Pro Fan. Point anywhere and your command will be accepted.

It also comes with a smart remembering function that recollects the last fan speed mode and runs on the same fan mode when switched on next. SilentPro Enso also has a multi-pairing remote function which allows multiple operations of ActivBLDC fans from a single remote. It is also equipped with a comprehensive timer setting which enables you to sleep care-free for up to 4 hours by just pressing a button. The enhanced safety feature in SilentPro Enso enables the safety wire to secure the motor with the ceiling hook and thus prevents the fan from falling.

The  SilentPro Enso Anti-Dust fan comes with a 5-year warranty and is available in enticing variants namely Mist White, Charcoal Grey, Ballerina Pink and Chestnut Wood and many more. Each variant is designed with aesthetics using decent colours and high-end finishes to enhance the interiors of your home. It’s time you switch to the ever-efficient SilentPro Enso and give your home an elegant touch of style and technology!