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How To Save On Your Electricity Bill with Energy Saving Fans

  • 26 June

Energy Saving Fans in India : Save huge on electricity bill now Energy Saving Fans in India : Save huge on electricity bill now

With self-quarantining and work from home becoming the norm during this pandemic, everyone is spending more time at home than usual. Naturally, this will lead to an increase in the number of appliances used and the duration for which you use them. Be it the light under which you read your favourite book or the fan you switch on when it gets too hot; your electricity consumption is on the rise.

While the world may be on a temporary pause, unfortunately, your electricity consumption and bills are not. A lifestyle change like this will cause your electricity bill to increase irrespective of when this global crisis ends. Out of all your appliances in your home, one of the most frequently used has to be your ceiling fan.

We all know that the importance of a ceiling fan in a household is undeniable. So, how do you cope with the increase in electricity consumption and bills? To help you combat this problem, Crompton has introduced a more advanced range of Energion ceiling fans. These energy-saving fans come with many delightful perks. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Energy-saving fans like the Energion HS is equipped with a unique ActivBLDC motor which consumes 50% less energy as compared to conventional fans. All thanks to its 5 Star BEE rating, it is now a certified fact that these fans do indeed promise to deliver. With a high power factor of 0.98, Energion fans ensure minimal loss of energy while delivering high-speed performance at 370 Rotations Per Minute. These features ensure you save more while never having to compromise on the cooling factor!

Apart from its superior performance, these ceiling fans also come with Point Anywhere Smart Remotes. The best part, however, is that these fans work on Radio Frequency. So, you could point to any corner of the room and it will still switch the fan on and off. Doesn’t that just sound perfect? Let’s put an end to leaving your cosy bed in the middle of the night with these smart remotes.

Along with high functionality, Crompton’s Energion fans also have a sleek and aesthetic design that seamlessly blends into any room of your home. They don’t just work well; they also look great!

In conclusion, an energy-saving fan is an investment for the future. It not only starts to pay for itself within a couple of years but it also helps you save on your current electricity bill. You can save as much as INR 6000 per year annually on the usage of 4 fans! If you would like to know more about them, do give our 5 Reason To Switch To Energy Saving Fans article a read!

Check out our exclusive range of Energion ceiling fans and get the best cooling experience for your home!