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Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep With The Best Silent Ceiling Fans

  • 6 May

Who wants to bear the sweltering temperatures in India? To work hard through the sweat-filled days and return home to a ceiling fan which provides a comfortable breeze is an experience one looks forward to at the end of the day. However, the noise of the fan can ruin this experience for you! If you dream of owning a soundless ceiling fan, Crompton is here to fulfil your dream of enjoying the comfortable breeze in blissful silence.


Crompton’s Silent Pro Ceiling Fans


Your hunt for the best silent ceiling fan in India ends here. Crompton brings you the SilentPro range of ceiling fans. Crompton’s silent ceiling fans are brilliantly designed with cutting-edge technology and are applauded for their impeccable features and silent operation. Take a look at some of their most captivating and efficient features:

  1. Each silent fan from this range comes with either a point-anywhere remote control that comes with an intelligent memory function, a sleep-well timer function, and a multi-pairing system.
  2. Each silent ceiling fan operates at 52 dB and is 2x more silent in comparison to a conventional ceiling fan.
  3. The aerodynamic design of their ABS body makes it possible for them to offer you superior comfort with an incredible air delivery of 240 CMM. All while keeping the process as quiet as possible.
  4. The high power factor of 0.98 ensures high-speed delivery and better performance.
  5. The Active BLDC technology used ensures upto 50% energy savings and a wide voltage range of 90V–300V.
  6. These inverter-friendly fans also ensure 98% effective utilisation of the input power.


Top 3 Best Silent Ceiling Fans in India


If you are as intrigued as us, then here are all your options available in the SilentPro range at Crompton. This supremely elegant and efficient range of silent ceiling fans offers you incredible products which are listed below.

  • Silent Pro noiseless brown fan (Wood finish): This is one of the best noiseless ceiling fans you can invest in for your home. This ceiling fan is made with a wood finish, making it a gorgeous addition to your home’s interiors. 
  • SilentPro Enso Antidust: This is among the best silent ceiling fans for your bedroom available in India. The marvellous silent ceiling fan is available in three beautiful colours: ballerina pink, charcoal grey, and mist white. Its aesthetic appeal is sure to steal your heart. 
  • SilentPro Enso 3 Blade Noiseless Ceiling Fan: Available in two timeless shades of white: all white and silk white, this silent ceiling fan is not just an efficient electrical appliance but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home interiors.

Benefits of a Silent Ceiling Fan           

The last thing you want when enjoying a peaceful day at home or a busy day at the office is to have a noisy fan. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in silent ceiling fans.

  1. With ActivBLDC technology, you can save money on your electricity bills while enjoying superior air delivery.
  2. Since it is so silent, you can use it to sleep soundly as well as to stay focused on your studies or work
  3. This fan ensures can be used both indoors and in semi-open spaces or outdoors

These incredible noiseless ceiling fans by Crompton feature a sweep size of 1225mm, 42 watts of power input, 315RPM in speed, and incredible air delivery of 240 CMM. They also come with a 5-year warranty, which only adds value to their fantastic features and appearance. Wait no more! Explore these noiseless ceiling fans and bring home luxury that’s one-of-a-kind!