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Invest In Silence: Fans For A Quiet Home

  • 6 May

After hearing the loud honking on the streets when you’re stuck in traffic to drilling noises from the shop across the street, wouldn’t you love to come back to a quiet, peaceful home? This is the ideal scenario for many of you out there but just as you’re about to finish that thought, you get interrupted by the loud and awful creaking sound of your ceiling fan. Ouch! Let’s fix that, shall we? And no, we don’t mean increase the volume of your television or reduce the speed of the fan to escape the sound.

It is time to upgrade and get your hands on a silent fan for your home.

Silent fans are becoming extremely popular in Indian households. Their aerodynamically sound structure and sleek design make for a great addition to your space. It is not only aesthetically a great fit but also provides many other benefits. Due to the fluidic and seamless blades, it cuts down on any air friction and increases the rotations per minute. This is responsible for superior air delivery and cooling. It’s 2X more silent than your conventional ceiling fans and reaches sound thresholds as low as 52 Decibels which is the equivalent of walking on a quiet street. Doesn’t this make it an ideal environment for some jolly conversation with your loved ones?

Now, we are sure you think a silent fan is quite an expenditure, but we will have you reconsidering that in no time! With Crompton’s new Silent Pro range, it is an investment for the future. Crompton’s Silent Pro fans come equipped with ActivBLDC technology which helps you cut down your electricity consumption in almost half by using 42V as compared to the 80V usage of conventional fans. Let us explain how. On average if you use your fan for 16 hours a day, annually with an ActivBLDC fan you would save up to INR 1600 per fan and so for 4 fans per household you would end up saving about INR 5,760 per year. We increase your savings while lowering the voltage. How convenient is that?

Speaking of convenience, say goodbye to stubborn old regulators that don’t seem to budge from one setting to another. The Point Anywhere Smart Remotes use radio frequency to operate your fans and work no matter where you point it! These remotes also have a smart memory function which remembers the individual settings for all your fans irrespective of the room you are in. Convenience served at the click of a button! Not only this, but the assurance and trust you place in Crompton ceiling fans when you buy their products online or in stores is also preserved by the 5-year warranty they offer online.

So what are you waiting for? Swiftly grab this opportunity and invest in the silent home you deserve!