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Why Crompton’s High-Speed Fans Are The Perfect Addition To Your Home

  • 3 February

High-Speed Fans Perfect Addition To Your Home - Crompton Ceiling Fans High-Speed Fans Perfect Addition To Your Home - Crompton Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a common sight in Indian households but it doesn’t mean that they are just a basic electrical appliance. With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s never too late to start planning on which ceiling fans you’ll be using to keep the air moving throughout the day in your room. If you do already have a ceiling fan, it’s also not too early to start looking for an upgrade that will give you everything you want from your fan and more. High-speed ceiling fans are precisely the ceiling fans that you should be looking at because when the summer hits, you wouldn’t want to stay sweaty wishing that your fans would go faster. 

We use ceiling fans to circulate the air and keep an area cool and high-speed ceiling fans can do that at a faster speed than average ceiling fans. High-speed ceiling fans can be the most efficient at circulating the air because unlike wall fans or even a high-speed table fan, they can move the air throughout the area with the wider sweep of their blades. 

So what makes a ceiling fan a high-speed fan? While the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) is important, air delivery also happens to be a factor that you should be looking at while choosing a high-speed fan. Air delivery can be measured in m3/hr (Cubic Metre per Hour) or CMM (Cubic Metre per Minute) which indicates the amount of air displaced by the fan within a particular time. The higher this particular number this, the faster the ceiling fan can go. 

Crompton prides itself in being a market leader in fans and over the years, we have focused on bringing innovative products that raise the bar to meet the needs of consumers across the nation. Among the variety of fans that Crompton offers, the high-speed ceiling fans have been one of the top buyer’s choices and continue to do so. Crompton’s high-speed ceiling fan comes with an RPM of 370 and air delivery that can go up to 1000 m3/hr. This model also comes with wider blades that have been designed for improving the air delivery. Crompton’s high-speed ceiling fans come in four different colours – white, ivory, dusky brown, and brown – so you can pick a shade that matches the decor of your room. In addition to the carefully thought-out exteriors, there has also been care put into the interior design of the ceiling fan – the 100% copper winding and the double ball bearing used in the motor has been picked with durability in mind. 

While our basic high-speed ceiling fans remain popular, Crompton also offers different ranges of ceiling fans that have features that provide more features in addition to high speed. Our Energion HS fan, for example, in addition to being high speed, comes with energy-saving features and is also a ceiling fan with remote. If you don’t mind spending a little extra upfront, this fan can save you money in the long run as it has a 35W ActivBLDC motor that consumes 50% less energy than conventional ceiling fans. Explore the wide range of energy efficient BLDC fans

But no matter which high-speed ceiling fan from Crompton you decide to go with, you can be assured that you’ll be spending the hot months ahead in comfort that you wouldn’t get from a normal fan. The stylish design of these ceiling fans will certainly be the perfect addition to your home in addition to their superior performance.