Why you should buy Crompton pedestal fans? Read more to find out

Here’s Why You Need A Pedestal Fan In Your Home

  • 6 May

This is why you need a pedestal fan for your home in India This is why you need a pedestal fan for your home in India

Crompton pedestal fans have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to their efficient and versatile use. They are not only a common sight in many households but also outdoor venues that require fans to deliver air with a certain gusto. You may have seen these fans lurking in the corner of huge office spaces or in gardens and balconies where ceiling fans just can’t reach!

Pedestal fans stand tall and have an edge over the other types of fans because it comes equipped with many benefits that make it worth investing in. Especially in humid climates like ours, pedestal fans act as a saving grace for most people. Their motorized operation ensures high speed and smooth delivery of air. You can also switch speeds depending on your needs which is a boon if you are outdoors on a hot, summer afternoon.

Ease with Crompton pedestal fans

The ease of portability also adds to the charm of a pedestal fan. Its light weight frame made either of plastic or metal helps you transport the fan from one place to another without any difficulty. Not only this, but pedestal fans also come with elegant aesthetics which add to the beauty of your space. If the thought of maintaining the fan scares you then fear not because a nice wipe down will keep your fan looking new as ever!

With its energy efficient and eco-friendly nature, many people are looking forward to buying pedestal fans for their homes but are often dissuaded due to the noise factor. Crompton pedestal fans like SilentPro Pentaflow comes equipped with Silent technology so you don’t have to worry about the noise anymore. These features make silent pedestal fans an asset for each home!

Now that we have established that pedestal fans are an important part of your home. How do you choose which one is best for your home?

There are different types of pedestal fans available in the market like Plastic, Metal or Farrata. All of them have distinct features and benefits. While some fans work on normal speed or high speed others may have more blades or a bigger frame, etc. So the next time you go to buy a pedestal fan online or in your favourite store, do ask for these features and get the best value for your pedestal fan’s price!