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Enjoy Moments Of Silence At Home

  • 6 September

Best Silent fans in India - Crompton Best Silent fans in India - Crompton

The pandemic has pushed us into our homes, and the only way we are managing to communicate and work is through our computer screens! Whether it is taking online classes, working from home or video calling our friends, no one likes disturbances! 

From concentrating hard on work or studies to having delightful conversations, the last thing anyone wants is to hear a constant, squeaky sound from your ceiling fans! During these tough times, it is necessary to ensure maximum comfort and noise-free fans are definitely the way to go!

Silent Fans For a Noise-Free Home

To ensure that the noise from your ceiling fan does not ruin cherished moments of silence, Crompton has introduced the SilentPro ceiling fan range! You can now turn your home into an ideal environment for achieving optimal productivity or enjoy a much-needed breather with your loved ones online with silent fans.

Innovative and state-of-the-art Crompton silent ceiling fan provides you with a wide variety of options to choose from. These fans are aesthetically designed to blend perfectly with the decor of your home and its superior performance ensures you experience disturbance-free cooling at all times. Ceiling fans ensure that you stay cool no matter which part of the room you may be in!

Features of Crompton Silent Fans

Given below are features of Crompton ceiling fans that ensure a powerful and silent performance: 

2x More Silent:

Working in a tranquil environment is the ideal way to work and your fan shouldn’t hinder that. With SilentPro fans, you get superior air delivery along with a calm, peaceful environment. Win-win, right? As compared to conventional fans which operate at 64 decibels, the SilentPro Fan from Crompton works at 52 decibels making it twice as more silent. 

Higher Air Delivery

Air delivery of your fan is responsible for ensuring even cooling in all corners of your room. You get superior air delivery with these fans. The fluidic, seamlessly designed blades and aerodynamically sound ABS body helped give a higher output of 240 CMM by reducing the air friction. There are higher rotations per minute for zero-noise quality performance!

Point Anywhere Smart Remote

The innovation of smart remote-operated fans has provided a permanent solution to the hassle of getting up frequently to switch your fan on and off. Crompton ceiling fans are designed to provide the most work on RF (radio frequency) technology which switches on the fan even if wasn’t pointing in its direction. These smart remotes have intelligent memory, timers and other multifunctional functions as well, which means that they can you can operate on multiple fans with just one remote! 

ActivBLDC Technology

The Crompton fan has an ActivBLDC motor which makes it highly energy efficient fans. These fans consume 42 Watts which is almost half when compared to conventional alternatives which consume 80 Watts. Crompton’s fans can work effectively with a high power factor of 0.98. This means lower electricity consumption of up to 50% will help lower your electricity bill as well. This is possible due to the ActivBLDC motor which consumes half the power as compared to a traditional induction motor. 

Safety and Durability Features 

The Crompton fan comes with an enhanced safety feature, the safety cable, which helps you stay protected. There is a safety wire in these fans that prevent them from falling due to improper installation or wear and tear of the body parts.

Not only this, but Crompton also offers a 5-year warranty on its silent fan range. Moreover, silent fans like Enso also have Anti-dust variants which prolong the life of the fan considerably. It doesn’t get better than this! 

The lockdown may keep you inside your home, but you can still enjoy a noise-free life with the Crompton ceiling fan! Talking to your friends or working on a big project, a noise-free environment will enhance your experience and allow you to have interruption-free moments, that is very much the need of the hour!