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Ceiling Fan Buying Guide: Top 8 Things to Keep in Mind

  • 10 May

With a myriad of ceiling fans available in the market today, each varying in terms of finishes, technologies, colours, and sizes, you are bound to get confused about which fan is best for you. This is when you can always count on Crompton’s Ceiling Fan Buying Guide. Here’s all that you must know before purchasing an efficient and aesthetically appealing ceiling fan for your space.


What to Look For in a Ceiling Fan?


Regardless of whether you are buying a new ceiling fan to replace the existing one or looking to invest in your very first ceiling fan, there are a few things you must keep in mind. This ceiling fan buying guide will answer two of the most important questions that might be on a person’s mind when thinking about purchasing a ceiling fan:

  1. What to look for in a ceiling fan?
  2. How to choose a ceiling fan?

Let us first start by understanding the specifications of a ceiling fan to look for so that you can find a fan that best fits your requirements.

  • Energy consumption

Ceiling fans are one of the most-used electrical appliances in a home. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised by the increased energy consumption you see on your electricity bill every month. Fortunately, considering the advancements in technology, finding a ceiling fan that is both energy efficient and aesthetically appealing has become much easier. 

ActivBLDC ceiling fans feature special motors that help reduce energy consumption thereby reducing your electricity bills. Here’s what you can do: When you visit the store or explore ceiling fans online, just look for a 5-star BEE rating label. This BEE label will help you understand how much electricity your ceiling fan consumes per year and how efficient it is.

  • Air delivery and speed

The air delivery of a ceiling fan is one of the most important factors to consider, as it can help you determine the amount of air your fan can deliver per minute. During your search for an energy-efficient fan, you will realise that many brands compromise on the air delivery of ceiling fans. However, this is not the case with Crompton.

Crompton BEE 5-star rated ActivBLDC ceiling fans offer superior air delivery so you can enjoy a comfortable breeze while saving up on your electricity bills.

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  • Sweep size

This specification is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a ceiling fan for your room. It will help you determine whether the ceiling fan you choose can effectively deliver air across the room or not. The sweep size is measured from one blade tip to the opposite side blade tip. It is the diameter of the circle formed by the spinning blades while they are rotating.

  • Noise

Imagine having a ceiling fan that works well but makes noise to the point where you start feeling annoyed by it. Silence is one of the most important specifications you can find in Crompton fans.

Crompton’s Silent Enso 3 Blade Noiseless Ceiling Fan is one of the best silent fans available in the market, boasting high performance in silence. Its ABS body sports an aerodynamic design that ensures reduced friction and increases the number of rotations per minute.  It offers 2x more silence than conventional fans, operating at 52 dB, while regular fans operate at 64 dB. 

  • Blades

Blades are yet another fan specification you must not overlook. From its aesthetic appeal to its size, everything matters! Blade size can help you determine if the fan fits your room perfectly and if it can deliver enough air throughout the space.

  • Range

You might explore all the fan specification options of an energy-efficient fan you love, but what’s the point if it does not fit your budget? The wide range of premium ActivBLDC fans by Crompton is meticulously designed to fit every budget.

  • Aesthetics

Gone are the days when people purchased ceiling fans just to enjoy the refreshing airflow during warm days. These days, ceiling fans not only come with fan specification options that can blow your mind but also come in incredible designs to fit your home’s interiors. Crompton fans are aesthetically pleasing and enhance your interiors.  

  • Warranty

The best thing about investing in Crompton fans is that each spectacularly designed, energy-efficient ceiling fan comes with a 5-year warranty.


Crompton’s Energy-efficient Fans with ActivBLDC Technology


Crompton’s ActivBLDC ceiling fans are must-have appliances for any home or office space. In comparison to conventional fans, this feature of Crompton ceiling fans ensures that you save up to 50% of energy per year. While you can find BLDC fans on the market easily, you must understand that other brands compromise on the air delivery of the fan to offer energy efficiency. However, Crompton ActivBLDC fans offer high energy efficiency with higher air delivery, making them ideal picks for you! Brilliantly designed with a wide voltage range of 90V–300V, a high power factor of 0.98, and a supremely beautiful aesthetic appeal, these ceiling fans are destined to steal the show in your home or office.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Crompton ceiling fans now!