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Can Sleeping With A Ceiling Fan Improve Your Sleep?

  • 27 July

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When you’ve spent most of the night tossing and turning in your bed, you can already imagine how tough the next day is going to be for you. Missing out on the recommended sleep hours can leave you cranky and unproductive the next day. The ceiling fan you have can definitely have an effect on the sleep hours that you get. Here’s how sleeping with a ceiling fan on can benefit your sleep –


Sleep Comfortably With White Noise

Ceiling fan noise can play the perfect white noise when you sleep. But what happens when your ceiling fan noise is what keeps you awake? Switch to Crompton’s silent fans that cut down the noise up to 2 times as compared to regular fans. Sleep comfortably with the fan on as Crompton’s top models including SilentPro Enso and Energion series come with Activ BLDC technology that consumes up to 50% less energy.


Air Circulation For Better Quality Of Sleep

Having proper air circulation in your room is important to be able to enjoy a good sleep. It will easily contribute to maintaining airflow in the room and reducing any stagnant smells. When a room is well-ventilated, you are able to breathe easier and this has a positive effect on the quality of sleep you have. Crompton’s energy-saving ceiling fans come with wider blades that ensure higher air delivery and provide superior performance.


Save On Energy Bills Even While You Sleep

Ceiling fans are widely used in the nighttime as well as daytime. When you are operating the fans for longer durations, it is only logical to pick options that are energy-efficient as well as cost-efficient for you. When compared to air conditioners, ceiling fans are the more cost-efficient option.

Crompton’s Energion series is popular for operating in a low voltage band and being energy-efficient. The fans are fitted with the Activ BLDC motor which leads to 50% less energy consumption than a traditional fan. This lower energy consumption contributes to significantly lower electricity bills.


Control Temperature To Improve Sleep

Temperature plays an essential role in your sleep quality. An extremely cold room won’t let you sleep due to the cold and a hot room will disrupt your sleep due to the warmth. Sleeping in comfortably cool rooms can have a huge and positive impact on your sleep cycle. This is why you need Crompton’s Energion HS fan.

It comes with an RPM of 370 which ensures higher air delivery and a good speed. Sleeping with this fan on will consistently maintain the temperature in the room without making it too cold or too hot.


Remote Control For Ease Of Comfort

Another amazing feature is that you can easily control Crompton’s top models of ceiling fans with a remote. In case you wake up in the middle of the night feeling too cold or hot, you do not have to get out of bed just to change the fan settings. Additionally, this feature allows you to enable a sleep timer that automatically switches off the ceiling fan after a while. This means even if you leave the house and forget to switch off the fan, you no longer have to worry about it being on all day.

Switch to an energy-efficient option from Crompton’s range of energy-saving ceiling fans. With wider air delivery and the ability to function in a wider voltage band, these fans are the ideal choice when it comes to buying the best energy-saving fans. Enjoy superior sleep comfort with Crompton!