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Best Ceiling Fans With Remote Control Under Rs 6000

  • 21 September

Crompton - Ceiling fans Crompton - Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are the most used and common electrical appliance in a household. It is an innovative technology that continues to be modified and has new features added to it to provide superior performance and air delivery — much more than you might have thought. One such feature is a remote control, which you can get without spending much money. With a remote control, you have the added convenience of controlling the fan without having to get up. If you are looking for a remote-controlled ceiling fan under Rs. 6,000, then this will be your go-to guide as Crompton has a range of elegant yet efficient ceiling fans for you to choose from.


Energion Esave 34 – Rs. 3,700


Energion Esave 34


Energion Esave 34ceiling fan, as the name suggests, saves money on your regular consumption of energy. On average, an ordinary fan would consume 75W, but Crompton Energion Esave34 comes with a 34W motor, the lowest across all Energion models. Talking about Rremote control features, it has a Point Anywhere Smart Remote that can control multiple ceiling fans. The remote controlled ceiling fan will also remember the last setting input and function according to that speed. Energion Esave 34 comes in brown, ivory and white colours to suit the ambience of your room.


Energion HS – Rs. 5,080



Another ceiling fan that can help you save some money on your monthly bills is the Energion HS. Energion HS ceiling fan consumes 35W of electricity compared to 75W of a conventional ceiling fan. This Energion variant is also equipped with a remote control with Radio Frequency technology that you can use to change the fan speed or switch the fan on or off even when it’s not directly pointing to it. This ceiling fan can also work efficiently in case of power cuts if plugged in with a generator. To suit the colour preferences of your room, Energion HS comes in 3 variations – brown, ivory and white. 


Energion NStar – Rs. 5,080

Energion HS















In the range of remote controlled ceiling fans, Energion NStar is another excellent option. It also comes with a smart remote with a sleep timer function. It has a sleek design that comes in with a power factor of 0.98,  which means that 98% of the power input is efficiently converted into useful power by the fan to provide excellent air delivery and comfort. This feature ensures that there is negligible power loss during the functioning of the ceiling fan. The remote controlled ceiling fan also comes in 3 different colours such as brown, ivory and white.


Energion Stylus – Rs. 5,960
















If you are looking for a fancy ceiling fan for your rooms, this Crompton ceiling fan will be a great choice. Energion Stylus comes with a 35 BLDC motor, which consumes less energy than ordinary ceiling fans. It can ventilate a large room efficiently as it has 1200 mm of sweep, which is referred to as the fan’s diameter. The longer the blade, the more efficiently it will circulate air in the room. These stylish fans also come with a RF-equipped Point Anywhere Smart Remote with a sleep timer function. This remote controlled ceiling fan comes in 3 variants of colours – gloss black, glow white, and toast brown- that will charm any room.


Energion ceiling fans can meet all your needs, from energy savings to fitting into your room’s ambience without compromising on speed. All of Crompton’s ceiling fans have 5 years from the manufacturer and 2 years warranty on the product. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, Crompton also has more remote controlled ceiling fans too above Rs. 6,000 that come with other features such as anti-dust and silent functioning.