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Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs.5,000

  • 9 May

Ceiling Fans are one of the first things you may install in your house. While selecting a ceiling fan, you may not think a lot like you may do before buying an air conditioner, as the investment is comparatively less. You may want to save money, and have ceiling fans which definitely saves energy and proves to be an efficient way of maintaining the room’s cool atmosphere. These fans require very less maintenance and the cost for repairs may also be less. One must keep in mind that each room may have different needs as per the space. Thus, selecting a suitable fan for your home interiors is necessary. Crompton has a range of budget-friendly ceiling fans and it offers some really good fans under Rs.5,000. 

Crompton offers a range of ceiling fans that includes designer fans, traditional ceiling fans, the decorative range and other premium variants. What size of ceiling fan you must choose depends upon the size of your room. Longer fan blades will cover more area and push air in a bigger room. The Crompton ceiling fan, Asset 50 comes with slightly longer blades that are suitable for living rooms or spacious bedrooms. Crompton’s Asset 50 is a traditional fan with a simple design and has two colour variants brown and white. 

Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs.5,000, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

The material and the design of the ceiling fan are two major things that you might see while selecting your fan. The material must be anti-dust to prevent the dust from settling on the fan. Choosing a colour and design that may fit well with your house interiors is also important. Crompton’s Aura Prime Anti-Dust ceiling fan comes with a great design and five year warranty. The Aura Prime ceiling fan range of Crompton has a variety of fans that cost less than Rs.5,000 to go well with your budget.

Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs.5,000, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Some of the designer ceiling fans offered by Crompton are budget-friendly. You need not worry about paying more for a good designed ceiling fan. Crompton’s Avancer E-Sense is a high speed fan with a good design. This fan has wider blades for higher air delivery and comes with three colour variants black, brown and silver white. The Avancer E-Sense ceiling fan, can be a good choice for your living room. Crompton has a wide of premium designer ceiling fans which come with wider blades and great designs. 

Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs.5,000, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

While choosing a ceiling fan you must definitely learn about the size of your room so that you can select the appropriate size of ceiling fan for it. Crompton offers many ceiling fans under Rs. 5,000 and it comes with some of the best features like energy efficiency and designs. 

Smaller bedrooms and kitchens may not need fans like the Avancer E-Sense or Aura Prime by Crompton. Simpler design and traditional fans fit well for smaller spaces. The Crompton ceiling fan, Entrust 50 can be the ceiling fan needed for your bedroom or other smaller rooms of your house. This ceiling fan by Crompton comes with a very reasonable cost and has 100% copper winding. It delivers air in high speed and tries to cover more space as possible. 

Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs.5,000, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Crompton’s range of ceiling fans is not only budget-friendly but also provides other features like anti-dust material, wider blades, energy efficiency fans and good designs. Ceiling fans may not need a lot of maintenance but when you buy one, be sure to learn about the motor and wiring of the fan. Copper wiring proves to be beneficial and the ceiling fan may last longer.