ActivBLDC vs Normal BLDC Fans: Which should be your Ideal Pick?

ActivBLDC vs Normal BLDC Fans: Which should be your Ideal Pick?

  • 30 January

While picking out a ceiling fan for your space, how often do you consider the energy efficiency of the appliance? This is one of the key decision-making factors for most consumers today, as electricity bills usually skyrocket during the summer months in India. Modern ceiling fans have powerful motors that cater to this requirement, in addition to other features to make your home smarter and help you save abundantly.

BLDC (brushless Direct Current) powered ceiling fans are known to reduce your electricity consumption annually. However, they might compromise on air delivery. While you might find numerous BLDC fans in the market, Crompton goes one step ahead with its ActivBLDC fans to provide energy efficiency without compromising on air delivery.


Premium Fans equipped with ActivBLDC Technology

If you are thinking of buying a BLDC fan, you should consider the quality and effectiveness of air delivery provided by the brand. This denotes a ceiling fan’s performance and might not be fulfilled by most BLDC fan options available today. In this case, the fan will not contribute in saving energy while being used on a regular basis.

Crompton’s BLDC fans help you in saving up to 50% on your annual electricity bills. The ActivBLDC motor offers the latest in technology, serving your requirements for superior air delivery coupled with energy efficiency.


ActivBLDC Fans Vs Regular BLDC Fans: What is the Difference?

Here are all the reasons why you should choose ActivBLDC Fans over regular BLDC Fans.

Higher Air delivery

Who said energy-efficient fans compromise on air delivery? With Crompton’s ActivBLDC fans, you can expect superior air delivery at 28W. Our premium fans do not compromise on air quality, and also offer energy savings with every use.

Less Power Consumption

Our premium fans powered with ActivBLDC technology can help reduce your annual electricity bills by up to 60%. This is better than most BLDC fans available in the market today as we feature the latest in technology through constant innovation. If you’re curious to know how much power does your ceiling fan consume, head straight to our blog for an insightful read.

Higher Power Factor

Crompton’s ActivBLDC fans feature a high Power Factor of 0.98. No matter how long you use our ceiling fans, you can be assured of the appliance running at their best performance.

Wider Voltage Range

Crompton’s BLDC ceiling fans have a Wide Voltage Range of 90V – 300V. This assures that our premium fans are suitable to use, without getting tripped or creating a short circuit during the summer months.

Explore our range of 5 – Star rated ActivBLDC Fans, only on Crompton! Crompton has always been amongst the pioneers when it comes to innovation in home appliances and driving the change towards energy efficiency.


FAQs around ActivBLDC Fans

How are ActivBLDC Fans better than regular BLDC Fans?

Crompton’s premium fans powered with ActivBLDC motor offer energy-efficiency without compromising on air delivery. In comparison, regular BLDC fans can only provide energy savings with every use. Most BLDC fans available in the market offer poor air delivery, making your purchase redundant.

Are ActivBLDC Fans energy-efficient?

Crompton’s ActivBLDC fans are energy-efficient and help you save on your annual electricity bills by up to 60%.