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5 Reasons To Switch To Energy Saving Fans

  • 28 May

Energy saving fans: Crompton's ActivBLDC technology Energy saving fans: Crompton's ActivBLDC technology

For decades now, energy saving has been an important factor when it comes to buying electrical appliances. So why should your fan be any different? With the rise in demand, many high-speed ceiling fans have adopted the ActivBLC motor technology. 

ActivBLDC is a new and more evolved motor technology which uses permanent magnets to function. It is essentially the reason why energy-saving fans consume less electricity! Now that you know what ActivBLDC is, let’s dig into the 5 Reasons why you must switch to energy-saving fans today! 

1. Investment for the Future 

Energy-saving fans are a great choice, not only because they are more efficient but also because they really do help reduce your electricity consumption and by extension, even your monthly bill. 

Consider this, on average if a fan works for 16 hours a day and is charged at INR 6.5/ unit, then: 

  • A conventional fan uses 75 V of power which would make your annual electricity bill amount to INR 2,850
  • Whereas, an ActivBLDC fan that uses 35 V of power at the same rate and time of usage will amount to INR 1,350
  • Annually you save INR 1,500 on one fan and if you have 4 fans like most households, you will end up saving INR 6,000

Not only that, but a fan powered by ActivBLDC technology would also cost you approximately INR 3,000 which can easily be recovered within 2 years of purchase through all the savings on your electricity bill. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

2. Superior Technology 

Conventional fans are equipped with induction motors that consume more energy and increase your electricity costs. When compared, energy-saving fans come with ActivBLDC technology which reduces your energy consumption by a whopping 50% due to its superior performance. It uses permanent magnets to give you a 98% input to output conversion rate. This means that only 2% of energy is lost when electricity flows through the fan to produce superior air delivery and increase the rotations per minute while lowering the wasteful energy consumption. Efficient, right? 

3. Low Voltage Consumption 

Conventional fans in India require a voltage of anywhere from 220V to 240V to work. At lower voltages, these fans will start slowing down and malfunctioning. However, a fan powered by ActivBLDC can work perfectly at voltages as low as 90V! This indicates that the fan will provide the same air delivery and comfort even when there are fluctuations and low voltage power supply. 

4. Star BEE Rating 

Crompton’s Energion range comes with a 5 Star Rating. This rating is used as a guide for energy saving. The more the ratings, the more energy your appliances save. With a 5 Star rating, ActivBLDC fans are now a certified way to save energy.

5. Environment-friendly

In a humid country like India, fans are one of those appliances that are used for hours at a stretch. They are also often overlooked as active contributors to the overall energy consumption not only in a household but also at a national level. Hence, it is now more crucial than ever to invest in a better, more energy-efficient alternative while making no compromises on the quality of air delivery and function. By using less electricity, energy-saving fans help contribute to the preservation of our environment and the planet’s natural resources. 

Additional Features 

Keeping in mind the above points, an energy-saving fan does seem like a good investment, right? But how do you know for sure if this fan is THE fan for your home? Well, some energy-efficient fans like Crompton’s Energion HS, offer more than just technical features. It blends seamlessly into your home with its aesthetic design. But that’s not all! The sleek blades are easy to wipe down and come with an anti-dust technology as well. The Point Anywhere Smart Remote control replaces regulators and lets you switch your fan on and off from the comfort of your sofa, bed, etc. 

Convenience, extraordinary technology and an eco-friendly choice for your home. Come invest in the future of energy-saving fans with ActivBLDC!