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5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using a Table Fan

  • 11 June

The top benefits of table fan - Crompton The top benefits of table fan - Crompton

Whether it is used for its cooling effect or as a breezy ventilation solution, table fans play a vital role in Indian households. Its huge demand and growing popularity have made it one of the best and most affordable alternatives to invest in across the year. Not only this, but table fans also offer several other benefits. If you are curious to know more, read on! 

1. Portability 

Being able to carry your fan from room to room and get personalized cooling sounds perfect on those hot afternoons, doesn’t it? Unlike most appliances that are heavy or installed into the wall, table fans are comparatively easy, lightweight and convenient to move around. Its portable nature is one of the most important assets of a table fan! 

2. Energy Efficient 

A table fan is a great addition to your home. Not only because of its effective cooling but also because it is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly option as compared to alternatives like air conditioners that emit harmful gases and chemicals into the atmosphere. A table fan also consumes less energy while giving you a stellar performance. Thereby, reducing your electricity costs as well as decreasing the overall electricity consumption of your household. 

3. Space savvy

Large, bulky appliances are a thing of the past. A space savvy table fan is just what you need, be it a small room or your own shop. Tables fans fit into almost every space! They are easy to place and don’t require complicated installation procedures. Furthermore, they can also be used both indoors and outdoors with the help of an extension cord which makes them even more versatile, useful and hassle-free to use. 

4. Budget friendly 

Beat the heat without spending too much when you invest in a table fan. These appliances are not only affordable but also extremely durable. They are an investment for the future which pays for itself by maintaining low maintenance costs and also by reducing your electricity bill considerably. Sounds ideal, right?

5. Cooling Factor 

With a flexible 180 degree rotation function that ensures every corner of the room receives an equal distribution of air, table fans have now quickly become the go-to product for many consumers, especially in the summers. For example, Crompton’s SilentPro PentaFlo Table Fan provides 20% higher air delivery at 85 CMM as compared to other similar fan variants. It also comes equipped with Silent Pro technology that promises a noise-free cooling experience. 

Apart from its advance features, Crompton’s table fans are also designed to provide your space with a refreshed and aesthetic look. Check out our exclusive range online to find the ideal match for your needs, from ceiling fans to table fans!