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5 Essential Reasons Why You Need A Silent Fan In Your Home

  • 7 August

Top 5 reasons why you need silent fans at your home - Crompton Top 5 reasons why you need silent fans at your home - Crompton

With the world temporarily on pause and work from home becoming the new normal, we are all still adjusting to spending more time indoors. Staying indoors in this heat has contributed mainly to the increasing demand for one of the most used appliances in your home, the ceiling fan.

The need for more efficient, silent and technologically sound appliances is on the rise. To make this transition more enjoyable and comfortable for you and your family, Crompton has introduced a new range of Silent fans which fulfils your need for a noise-free cooling experience!

If that’s not enough to make you hop onto the silent fan bandwagon, then read on to find out why you need a silent fan in your home, now more than ever!

Enjoy the power of silence 

A silent and disturbance-free environment is not only excellent for your concentration levels when you perform complex tasks but is also necessary for maintaining good brain health. Silence has a profound effect on the brain which promotes relaxation and offers several other psychological and emotional benefits, too. 

Crompton’s silent fans come equipped with the revolutionary Silent Pro technology which makes them up to 2x quieter when compared to conventional fans. They are designed to provide superior air delivery at 52 DB which is ideal for maintaining a relaxed and calming environment at home.

Less energy, more saving

Energy-saving fans like SilentPro Enso are powered by the unique ActivBLDC technology which consumes half the power that a traditional induction motor would. The reduced energy consumption ends up saving up to 50% on your electricity costs as compared to conventional ceiling fans. Annual saving can go up to INR 1,600 per fan given that is used for 16 hours a day. This helps you recover the cost you invested in the fan within a two-year payback period. Efficient, right? Also check energy efficient BLDC fans for more options in less energy and more saving.

Dust-free operation 

Dust in a household can not only trigger severe allergic reactions but it can also carry germs and infections that could cause potential harm to you and your family. Ceiling fans like Silent Pro Enso Anti Dust are equipped with a special Anti-Dust coating which doesn’t allow dust to settle on the fan. Hassle-free cleaning and low maintenance save you precious time and effort on the daily!

Smart Functionality 

For added comfort and convenience, the Silent Pro Fan comes with a Point Anywhere Smart Remote which uses Radio Frequency to operate. The smart remote also uses Intelligent memory functions and timers to help you customize your cooling experience as per your needs!

Enhanced Safety 

Along with that, Silent Pro fans have an enhanced safety feature which includes a safety wire that prevents a fan from falling in case of improper installation.

Comfort, saving and safety all delivered in one product! 

Check out our extensive range of Silent Pro fans for superior performance and aesthetically designed ceiling fans!