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4 Reasons why you should Switch to ActivBLDC Fans by Crompton

  • 6 January

Are you tired of energy-efficient fans that just can’t seem to give you the strong, refreshing breeze you crave on hot summer days? Brushless DC (BLDC) motor fans are highly energy-efficient as they consume less power and provide superior performance. They use permanent magnets to deliver power with minimal losses instead of conventional motors. At Crompton, we bring forward some of the best BLDC fans with the help of innovative technology that not just cater to energy efficiency but also superior air delivery in every room.

Our premium fans are made of ActivBLDC technology to make sure your investment comes back to you in the form of adequate savings with multiple BLDC fan advantages that run for years to come.

Factors to Consider while Switching to Crompton’s ActivBLDC Fans

Modern technology is sure to provide optimum results. That’s why we urge you to see the difference with Crompton’s ActivBLDC fans as they are manufactured to not just spruce up your home, but your life. Here are 4 main factors on how you can avail the advantages of our BLDC fans.

1. Superior Air Delivery

When looking for the best BLDC fans in the market, you will get numerous options in terms of ensuring high energy efficiency for your homes. However, BLDC fans compromise on air delivery. This is where Crompton brings in the difference with energy-efficient fans powered by ActivBLDC technology which gives you superior air delivery in addition to helping you save large on your electricity bills. Say goodbye to weak air delivery and hello to the ultimate summer companion! Upgrade to ActivBLDC fans and experience the best comfort and convenience in your home.

2. Energy Efficiency

One of the more prominent advantages of BLDC fans is that they are known for their high energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements, as they do not have any brushes or commutators that can wear out over time. They help save energy and hence electricity bills in the long run due to the following factors.


  • They have a higher motor efficiency than AC or DC motors as they have fewer moving parts and do not generate electrical noise.
  • If the fan blades of a BLDC fan are pitched at a higher angle, they can generate more airflow at a lower speed, which can result in lower energy consumption.


Crompton’s ActivBLDC fans offer up to 50% energy savings annually! 

3. Ceiling Fans for Every Budget

Crompton offers a wide range of fans that fits the budget of every consumer. From traditional ceiling fans to sleek fans with under lights, you can find the perfect fit for your personal style within your budget. We have a range of energy efficient fans with ActivBLDC technology that suit your budget and requirements. Reap the advantages of superior air delivery, without compromising on quality.

4. Aesthetic design

The look and feel of a fan also matters while making a buying decision. Crompton’s ActivBLDC fans are available in various designs and colours that will align with the aesthetics of your interiors. Built with high quality materials, our fans not only add to the way your space looks but also ensure longevity and premium features..

Why Choose Crompton’s Premium ActivBLDC Fans?

Move over traditional fans and buy BLDC fan benefits with Crompton’s range of premium fans with ActivBLDC technology. They are designed to operate efficiently between a ceiling fan voltage range of 90V – 300V with a high Power Factor of 0.98. While a conventional fan can spike up your annual electricity bills, our fans with the ActivBLDC technology ensure 50% savings year-on-year, so you can use the best BLDC fans for your home or office space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Make the switch today to see the difference in your electricity consumption.