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Still Skipping Showers In Winter? Here’s A Guide To Finding The Best Water Geyser

  • 19 January

guide to finding the best water geyser from Crompton guide to finding the best water geyser from Crompton

Picture this: You come back to your home after a really tiring day. All you want to do is have a hot shower that soothes your muscles. But then you realize you don’t have access to instant hot water, and you groan in frustration! Situations like these are the signs for you to buy a new water heater. So, whether you are someone who takes your ‘me-time’ seriously or a large family that needs hot water for various purposes, Crompton has got you covered! Here’s a guide to finding the best water geyser for you with different hot water needs.


Capacity for your every need

Capacity is an essential factor! Consider the size of your home, the number of family members and your water usage while choosing a new water heater. Crompton offers a wide range of storage water heaters and instant geysers with tank capacities ranging from 1 to 50 litres.


Ensures energy savings

Choosing something without understanding your requirements will burn holes in your pockets. For example, the electricity consumption of the water heater depends on the volume of water used or the temperature of the input water. But, of course, you may always go for heaters with a standard 5-star rating that ensures low consumption. Fortunately, Crompton’s water heaters offer a stand by feature with a higher BEE rating that increases your household’s energy savings.


Still Skipping Showers In Winter? Here’s A Guide To Finding The Best Water Geyser, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited


Offers foolproof safety 

It’s known that it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, when choosing a water heater, ensure that it has all the safety features in case of any potential accidents. It’s advisable to always go for sturdy and rust-proof heaters that don’t get damaged after using them over the years. Additionally, Crompton even offers you high-quality heating material without causing overheating.  

Now that you know features to look for in a geyser, let’s explore Crompton water heaters and find the best choice for your home.


Never run out of hot water with Solarium Neo Storage geyser

The electric storage water heater has been the primary choice of households for all your bathing needs. A storage water geyser uses a big tank to store hot water for more extended periods. 

Crompton storage water heaters such as Solarium Neo use gyroscopic technology to ensure no contact between the cold and hot water flow for faster heating. So, if you have a large family, get yourself hot showers by Solarium Neo, with a tank capacity from 6L to 25L heaters. The best part? This 5- star rated geyser comes with triple-shield protection that guards your geyser against corrosion and scaling, thus giving it a longer life.


Still Skipping Showers In Winter? Here’s A Guide To Finding The Best Water Geyser, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited


Hot shower any time of the day with Solarium Qube 

Another bestseller is Crompton’s Solarium Qube, is the best water heater for efficient and fast heating. So if you need a refreshing quick bath, Solarium Qube’s powerful heating element lets you heat a large quantity of water in merely 10 minutes! In addition, this stylish geyser with a white/black corrosive resistant square body offers advanced 3 level safety for your safe use. 

Worried about massive electricity bills? Crompton’s storage water heaters have your back, as these geysers consume less electricity even when used for longer durations.


Relish your instant showers with Rapid Jet Plus

While storage water heaters are great for warming and storing large quantities, they can consume time. Here’s where instant water heaters come to your rescue! As the name suggests, instant water heaters with powerful heating cores are best suited for lightning-fast heating. If you are worried about your limited space, instant water heaters like Crompton’s Rapid Jet Plus with a compact body are the perfect pick for you. The nickel-coated copper heating element prevents scale formation, thus ensuring healthy and perfect hot water. 

We hope you found the guide to finding the best water geyser useful!