Non integral flameproof wellglass luminaire suitable for HID lamp
Hazardus area group IIA and IIB and zone 1 &2
Technical Specifications:
Cat Ref. Wattage (W) Color Temparature Voltage (V) Lamp Type Mount Type Rating
FWL12/B/HB-15SIH 150W 2700K 240V 150W HPSV Pendant IP65
FWL12/B/HB-25MHIH 250W 4200K 240V 250W MH Pendant IP65
FWL12/B/HB-25MIH 250W 4100K-4300K 240V 250W HPMV Pendant IP65
FWL12/B/HB-25SIH 250W 2700K 240V 250W HPSV Pendant IP65