Top Opening

Recessed top opening energy saving cleanroom luminaire, suitable for walkable-Metal/RCC ceinlings, Luminaire is provided with unique adjustable mounting system as per depth of ceiling. IP65 housing
Operation theaters
medical labs
Technical Specifications:
Cat Ref. Wattage (W) Color Temparature Voltage (V) Lamp Type Mount Type Main Current Rating
CRCCL218EB(300) 36W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 2x18W CFL Bracket Mounted 0.16 IP65
CRCCL255EBCW-KSL 110W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 2x55W CFL Bracket Mounted 0.53 IP65
CRCCL355EBCWKSL 165W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 3x55W CFL Bracket Mounted 0.79 IP65
CRCCL455EBCWKSL 220W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 4x55W CFL Bracket Mounted 1.1 IP65
CRTCL228EB 56W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 2x28W T5 Bracket Mounted 0.29 IP65
CRTCL240EB 72W/80W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 2x36W/40W FTL Bracket Mounted 0.35 IP65
CRTCL254EBCW 108W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 2x54W T5 Bracket Mounted 0.52 IP65
CRTCL414EBB 56W 2700K/6500K 240VAC 4x14W T5 Bracket Mounted 0.32 IP65