Intellipress Controller

• Automatic ON and OFF (Based on demand of the system when taps are opened and closed
• Noiseless Operation & Low Power consumption
• Y type brass strainer is supplied with pump to prevent damage to pump by dirt and solid entering
• Inbuilt dry run Protection provided inside Controllers
• Inbuilt Excessive start/stop protection
MINI Force
• Brass insert provided in casing & adaptor to avoid pump jamming
• Light weight and compact design
• The automatic pressure system is designed to automatically start & stop the pump on opening and closing of taps and maintains the system pressure
• Two litre pressure tank with special rubber bladder and pressure switch
• Y-strainar is provided with pump to prevent damage from external dirt
• Domestic pressure boosting applications
• Pressure boosting applications in bungalows, apartments, hotels etc.
• For constant pressure applications in industry
MINI Force
• For pressurised water, showers in bathroom
• In bungalows, apartments, flats & buildings
• For constant pressure applications
• Suitable only for 1 tap applications*