Integral industrial wellglass luminaire suitable for CFL. Housing made from pressure die cast aluminium hosuing grey finish fitted with clear glass cover and wireguard
Industrial sheds
open porches
Technical Specifications:
Cat Ref. Wattage (W) Color Temparature Voltage (V) Lamp Type Mount Type Main Current Rating
CWV17218 36W 2700K/6500K 240V 2x18W CFL Pendant 0.44 IP65
CWV17218EB 36W 2700K/6500K 240V 2x18W CFL Pendant 0.18 IP65
IWV1825IH/ES/TG 250W 4100K-4300K 240/220/200 250W HPMV Pendant 1.32 IP65
SWV1815IH 150W 2700K 240/220 150W HPSV Pendant 0.74 IP65