Crompton has launched a range of ceiling fans based on a breakthrough technology that offers consumers a benefit they have been seeking for long.   
Consumers face a lot of inconvenience and discomfort in keeping and maintaining their fans, as they accumulate dirt over time and require frequent cleaning. There is also a constant fear of corrosion, wear and tear, bending and breakage of fan blades resulting from frequent cleaning.
Avancer Prime – Anti dust’ and ‘Aura Prime – Anti Dust’ ceiling fans, the latest offering from Crompton uses a revolutionary anti-dust technology, which ensures the fans attract 50% less dust compared to any regular fan. This means the consumers have to clean the fans less frequently. The cleaning process itself becomes easier and once cleaned, this range of fans continue to sport a fresh new look. These fans use a nanotechnology based paint which has hydrophobic (water resistant) and oleophobic (oil resistant) properties that reduces the incidence of dust and grime on the fan.
The fans are priced in the range from  Rs. 2525/- to Rs. 2975/-.