Bulk Head / Low Bay

Decorative industrial IP54 bulkhead with deep drawn CRCA powder coated body and opal acrylic dif fuser.
Industrial sheds
open porches
Technical Specifications:
Cat Ref. Wattage (W) Color Temparature Voltage (V) Lamp Type Mount Type Main Current Rating
DFBH-DD15 15W 2700K/6500K 240V 15W CFL-DF Surface 0.105 IP54
DFBH-DD20 20W 2700K/6500K 240V 20W CFL-DF Surface 0.14 IP54
DFBH-DD25 25W 2700K/6500K 240V 25W CFL-DF Surface 0.18 IP54
IBH1107IH/MH 70W 4200K 240/220V 70W MH-E Surface 0.46 IP54
IBH1107IH/SV/WI 70W 2700K 240/220V 70W HPSV Surface 0.46 IP54
ICBH-DD26EB 26W 2700K/6500K 240V 26W CFL Surface 0.115 IP54
ICBH10 10W 2700K/6500K 230V 10W CFL Surface 0.18 IP43
LMA1108IH/BC 80W 2700K/6500K 240/220/200 80W HPMV Surface 0.43 IP54
LMA1112IH/BC 125W 4100K-4300K 240/220/200 125W HPMV Surface 0.66 IP54
LMHA1107IH 70W 4200K 240V 70W MH (DE) Surface 0.46 IP54
LMHA1115IH 150W 4200K 240 150W MH (DE) Surface 0.74 IP54
LSA1107IH/MH 70W 4200K 240/220 70W MH-E Surface 0.46 IP54
LSA1107IH/WI 70W 2700K 240/220 70W HPSV Surface 0.46 IP54
MHBH1107IH 70W 4200K 240/220V 70W MH-DE Surface 0.46 IP54